How OnlyFans creator went from 'innocent wife' to making $200,000 a month

X-rated content creator Bonnie Blue has become a top earner on OnlyFans after leaving a corporate career and her husband.

Bonnie Blue is a popular OnlyFans star. Photo:
Bonnie Blue is a popular OnlyFans star. Photo:

OnlyFans star Bonnie Blue has become a viral sensation on the X-rated platform over the last year or so, after making headlines around the world for filming content on Schoolies in Australia and Spring Break in Mexico.

Bonnie's recent Mexico jaunt, where she slept and filmed content with over 100 college students on Spring Break, earned her $250,000 and despite criticism for her antics, the 24-year-old has remained unapologetic and is excited to film future content with young men.

Bonnie, who moved to Australia in 2021, grew up in Nottingham in the UK and described herself as "quiet and reserved" who rarely partied or drank alcohol. She married her partner at a young age and was ready to "settle" down for a comfortable life.

Bonnie and her then-husband moved to Australia for a new adventure, but after a period of disillusionment with her 9-5 corporate job and her marriage not working out, Bonnie, who had only previously slept with five people, decided to join the adult industry and kick off her OnlyFans adventure.


Now, Bonnie earns up to $200,000 a month by filming realistic and relatable X-rated content, which she believes appeals to people as they can imagine themselves in those situations.

OnlyFans' Bonnie Blue has made a killing at Spring Break. Photo:
OnlyFans' Bonnie Blue has made a killing at Spring Break. Photo:

Before her trip to Spring Break, she first made waves in the industry when she and fellow OnlyFans creators Kay Manuel and Leilani May invited school leavers at Australia’s infamous Schoolies at Surfers Paradise into their hotel to have sexy encounters with them. After their escapades got picked up by The Project, the girls became headline news across Australia.

Earlier this month, Bonnie returned to the UK for the first time since she started work in the adult industry, and said the reception has been mixed.

“There’s been a lot of judgment and jealousy,” says Bonnie. “I had an old friend come up to me and say that I have no respect for myself and don’t deserve any in return, and another close friend tells me how her friends think she shouldn’t be friends with me anymore. I don’t mind, they are judging me for having a million-dollar business whilst they live with their parents and have to work for someone else.”


However, not everyone is as unforgiving. In fact, Bonnie’s family are her biggest fans.

“My family is so proud of me, my dad loved it when I had someone come up and ask me for a photo the other day!” she continues. “They’ve even asked to be in my TikToks. I’ve recommended this job to many family members on this trip!”

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