The secrets of Australia's 'most organised' home

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Iryna Federico’s home is what Instagram organisers’ dreams are made of.

From her colour-coded walk-in-wardrobe to a pantry that’s pretty much as close to pastel perfection as you can get, the Adelaide-local is house proud — and with good reason.

Irnya's home has gained her a huge online following. Photo: Instagram/fromgreatbeginnings
Irnya's home has gained her a huge online following. Photo: Instagram/fromgreatbeginnings

In fact, she’s racked up more than 131k followers on her Instagram @fromgreatbeginnings, each finding their own way to implement her impressive strategies in their homes.

But the 28-year-old says her now-famous organisational skills were born out of a need for functionality, rather than a natural knack for tidiness.

“I live by the mentality that having less stuff means less stuff to clean and makes sure that everything we keep in our home has a place, is intentional and useful,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“I have gotten our weekly deep clean down to an hour because I much prefer the final result of a clean home, not the actual process.”


Although Iryna’s house, which she shares with her husband of four years, seems meticulous in its presentation, she insists it’s done with practicality in mind.

“I truly harness the benefits of having an organised home because I know I can comfortably have days where I just want to be lazy and don't lift a finger,” she says.

“I [can also] turn each space into a creative project because I really enjoy the creative opportunities each space offers.”

In total, Iryna predicts she’s spent a ‘few thousand dollars’ on her organisational efforts but says her top tips include frequenting many home lovers’ favourite bargain haunts.

“When we originally built our home, we did so well and truly within our means and cut back on things we didn't need then and there, such as robes and cupboards in any rooms other than our own,” she reveals.

“And with the likes of Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, garage sales, and stores like Kmart, Target and The Reject Shop etc. the actual organisation items aren't overly expensive but two to five dollars here and there adds up much quicker than people think.

But for those us who see home organisation as a chore more than a source of joy, Iryna reveals how she found a solution to some of her own aversions.

“I have hated folding clothes ever since I was a kid so I knew that that was something I wanted to avoid in our home and now the majority of our robe is just hanging space so it makes it very easy to put things away,” she says.

“There are some drawers for things like underwear and pyjamas but I made sure to have a dedicated drawer to each item so they don't have to be organised. If I open drawer one which is dedicated to underwear, I know that I will pull out underwear, regardless if it's neat or not.”

She also believes this mindset can be applied by others attempting to keep their home in order.

“[Organisation] is about breaking a lot of life-long habits and identifying problems in your life that slow you down or prevent you from doing the things you love; then prioritising finding a solution for those problems and most importantly committing to said solution,” she adds.

“Everything we do in our home is extremely intentional and serves a purpose for us in one way or another. This system always comes first and then you can make it look pretty if time, budget and willingness permits.”

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