How long you can really leave leftovers in the fridge

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
We've always got leftovers in the fridge. Photo: Getty

If you are always asking the question, do you think this is still good to eat, when grabbing leftovers out of your fridge at home you are not along.

And now the team from Magnet Kitchens have devised a handy chart to use as a guide for how long your leftovers should really be kept in your fridge or freezer.

After conducting a study, the chart shows smoothies will only last a day, while things like mince, burgers, and pork sausages are reportedly only good in the fridge for two days.

The chart also mentions salads can be kept in the fridge for five days, however that would very much depend on your salad ingredients.

Chart shows how long to keep leftovers. Photos: Magnet Kitchens

“Firstly, there isn't an exact science, and most foods are still edible (if no longer full of flavour) for a day or two after their shelf life expires, but this is a great guide for knowing how long foods last in the fridge before you eat or freeze them,” a spokesperson from Magnet told the Daily Mail.

With meal prepping very popular among families and those looking to save time in the kitchen or kick start a healthy lifestyle, the chart also reveals cous cous, rice or quinoa, is best kept separate from anything else to give it a longer life.

“Combining ingredients affects shelf life. As a marker, always go off the ingredient with the shortest individual shelf life,” the team added.

Meal prep is becoming more and more popular. Photo: Getty

When it comes to saving time on meal prepping fitness star and Sweat trainer Kelsey Wells shared a really simple trick with Yahoo Lifestyle recently to drastically cut down on time spent in the kitchen.

Rather than slave away and try and fill her fridge with meals for the entire week, the mum has a much easier approach.

“I’m always short on time for dinner and I’m not huge on meal prepping, but I do pre prep protein sources,” she explains.

“So on Monday or Sunday I will grill chicken breast through to Wednesday, so I have a bunch of grilled chicken chopped or shredded ready to use, and I can toss that with veggies for dinner, add it into a salad bowl, put it in a taco.

“Having my protein sources prepped makes it very easy to eat clean and on the go. It’s like making your own fast-food.”

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