How coffee protects against type-2 diabetes

How coffee protects against type-2 diabetes

Coffee lovers have long known that they can sip smugly.

Research has shown that it can improve longevity, power up a workout and now a new study has revealed certain components may protect against type-2 diabetes.

The study published at the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Natural Products identified two compounds in coffee that are linked to lowering the risk of the chronic illness.

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The best bit? They found benefits in both caffeinated and decaf coffee. Researchers from Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark found cafestol and caffeic acid can combat diabetes symptoms.

After testing the components on rat cells (one of the most similar to human cells), researchers noted that cafestol increased blood sugar intake in the cells and cafestol and caffeic acid increased insulin secretion. People with diabetes are insulin resistant.

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While the study was conducted on rats, experts can’t confirm whether coffee is entirely responsible. However, the findings may help the development of better treatments for the disease.

And coffee fans can continue to enjoy their daily drink – in moderation, of course.