The household chore that will ruin your marriage

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

When you’re living with your partner, deciding who is going to do the household chores can often feel like an ongoing debate.

However, it turns out that there is one chore in particular, that is actually becoming a deal-breaker for married couples and that is doing the dishes.

Remember this iconic scene where she says, “I want you to want to do the dishes,” in the fight before they broke up? Source: Universal Pictures

A new study has decided it’s time to reassess how contemporary heterosexual couples are splitting up household chores. 

The study, from the Council of Contemporary Families, revealed that divvying-up the household chores is becoming a necessity for couples who think they have a future together – especially when it comes to dishwashing.

“Women who found themselves doing the lion’s share of dishwashing reported significantly more relationship discord, lower relationship satisfaction, and less sexual satisfaction than women who split the dishes with their partner,” the report states. 

“Sharing responsibility for dishwashing was the single biggest source of satisfaction for women among all the household tasks, and lack of sharing of this task the single biggest source of discontent.”

It turns out sharing the chore load is becoming crucial for marriage success. Source: Getty

Luckily it seems men are getting the hint, with the report confirming that the number of couples sharing tedious household duties has significantly increased, with dishwashing showing the most change.

“Couples reported greater sexual and relationship satisfaction with more egalitarian distributions of all routine tasks, a significant difference from the early 1990s,” the study found. 

So next time you’re in hot debate over whose turn it is to do the dishes, remember that sharing the task could be the key to saving your relationship.

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