'It's a pressure cooker': House Rules winner explains ex-host Joh Grigg's shock exit

Gillian Wolski
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An ex-contestant has spoken out about host Joh Griggs’ shock exit from House Rules. Photo: Instagram.com/johgriggs7.

House Rules host Joh Griggs, 45, surprised everyone with her shock resignation last month, and now a previous winner of the reality TV show has had their say on the Commonwealth Games swimmer’s controversial exit.

Season five’s Aaron Winter, who won the show in 2017 with wife Daniella, told Now To Love on Tuesday that the experience was “an eye-opener”.

Under pressure

“It's a pressure cooker environment,” he added, but said that coping with the intense stress on set comes down to the person’s mindset.

“You are who you are and if you're a nasty person, you're still going to be a nasty person if you're stressed or not,” he said.

Aaron went on to note that as host of the show Joh would have had “a much better insight” into the goings on behind the scenes.

Aaron’s comments come amidst rumours that Channel 7 producers pushed contestants to stir up drama, something which Joh reportedly didn’t agree with and was part of the reason she abruptly said goodbye.

He seemingly alluded to the controversy by saying, “Anything that Johanna Griggs says, I'll one hundred percent respect it and take her word on it,” but that it wouldn’t alter his own opinion.

The season five winner added that he and Daniella “absolutely loved the experience” and would “do it again tomorrow”.

Joh (far right) with House Rules judges Llewelyn Bowen, Wendy Moore and Jamie Durie. Photo: Instagram.com/johgriggs7.

Joh jumps ship

The Aussie TV presenter had been a staple on House Rules for seven long years when she called time on her hosting role on July 24, just one day after the season finale.

“As the show goes into preproduction for the next season, it’s the perfect time to hand over the role to someone who will take the show into S8,” she wrote on her Instagram.

Like Aaron, she went on to call her time on the show an “eye opener” and an “enormous beast,” before giving a shoutout to “fantastic judges” Joe Snell, Drew Heath, Jamie Durie and Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen.

Joh revealed that the “best part” was getting to know the teams, writing, “We’ve laughed and cried together; they all trusted me very quickly”.

She cited her current roles on Better Homes and Gardens - she’s been host for 15 years - and 7 Sport as “keep[ing] me busy.”

Channel 7 have yet to announce a replacement for Joh, and she is still listed on the 7 Plus website as host.

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