House Rules shock collapse!

There's drama and worry aplenty this week on the hit reno show, as mum-of-three Rose bursts into tears while speaking to design expert Carolyn Burns McCrave, and sinks to the floor, saying: 'I’m going to pass out.'

‘I got rather dizzy and had a bit of a fainting spell,’ Rose reveals to New Idea. ‘I’ve got low blood pressure, so it doesn’t take too much. I was in a hot room that was heated up to get the plaster dry, and it got too much and I just fell to my knees!’

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But while Rose says the Sydney reno was tough, there was more to the situation.

As Rose explains: ‘During filming, my grandmother Patricia had a fall and was then diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

‘I made a dash to Brisbane to see her, and she was very ill at the time, and seeing her not well was difficult. I wanted to stay with her.’

It’s been a rough ride for the WA team, who have already been branded the most controversial duo in the competition, thanks to Rob’s direct approach.

‘It was very, very tough,’ Rob admits.

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