House Rules judge's emergency: 'I was clutching at my chest'

Emma Shepherd
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It was one of the most intense scenes we’ve ever seen on any episode of House Rules.

But season six started off with a bang (and crash) on Monday night’s episode after judge and designer Carolyn Burns-McGrave was hit by a timber beam which fell down from the roof of the property the teams were renovating in Sydney’s urban suburb of Rosebery.

The surrounding builders, contractors, contestants and crew watched on in horror as the incident took place.

Carolyn Burns-McGrave felt blindsided by the incident, leaving her shaking in shock on the building site. Source: Seven

“I was clutching at my chest and knew I didn’t want to lift my hand,” she said. “I didn’t want to know what was underneath!”

It all started when Carolyn was having a design chat with SA team, Jess and Jared, in what is going to be the dining area.

I was talking to them about their furniture and lighting selections,” she confessed. “I was so focused on talking to them that I didn’t see the piece of timber coming and there was no warning or shout from above, so it was LITERALLY a bolt from the blue.”

The wooden beam fell from the roof and hit her in the shoulder. Source: Seven

“It hit me so fast and so hard,” she added. “There was no time to take in what had happened.”

The design queen went on to say that she’s done around 50 House Rules houses and this is the first time she’s been injured.

The designer queen was shaking and left completely in shock while waiting for an ambulance. Source: Seven

“This is the first time I’ve been injured and it’s certainly the most dangerous incident we’ve had on site in 6 years of the show,” Carolyn said.

I had a fractured sternum from the impact and two fractured ribs on the other side from the force.”

I was determined to get back to site as soon as I possibly could, she confessed.” 

She was seen being helped to the awaiting ambulance. Source: Seven
‘I’m feeling sore, I hope there’s no chips or breaks’: Carolyn showed off her nasty injury during Monday night’s episode. Source: Seven

“Not just to keep an eye on the contestants, but because I was really worried about being frightened on a building site, I needed to get back on the horse.”

To follow the new teams and their renovation progress, tune in and watch House Rules at 7:30pm on Seven.

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