Horror moment schoolboys struck by car

Schoolboys hit at Crows Nest. Picture 7 News 6.JPG
Shocking dashcam video shows the moment three schoolboys are bowled over by a car at traffic lights. Picture: 7 News

Shocking footage shows the moment three schoolboys were pushed into traffic after a car drove into a crowd of students crossing the road at a busy intersection.

Two 12-year-old boys and a 13-year-old boy were taken to hospital after they were struck at a Pacific Highway intersection in Crows Nest at 3.30pm on Thursday.

Dashcam video of the incident has emerged of the moment a crowd of children start to cross the road to a green pedestrian light in front of stopped traffic.

The three boys appear to race ahead of the others before a car runs into them, throwing them into the middle of the intersection.

Schoolboys hit at Crows Nest. Picture 7 News 6.JPG
Three schoolboys race across the pedestrian crossing, appearing to look right moments before the crash. Picture: 7 News
Schoolboys hit at Crows Nest. Picture 7 News 6.JPG
The car speeds into the red light hitting the three boys. Picture: 7 News

All three were injured and remain in hospital.

The crowd of schoolkids appear to freeze in shock before checking the road for oncoming traffic and rushing in to help the three boys.

One of them described the sound of a “bang” followed by cars beeping.

A second witness said the scene that followed was “absolutely crazy” as ambulances and police cars lined the street in response.

“There were police directing traffic everywhere, ambulances everywhere and police accompanying the ambulances to the hospital,” he told 9 News.

Schoolboys hit at Crows Nest. Picture 7 News 6.JPG
The three boys splayed in the middle of the intersection moments after the crash. Picture: 7 News

An 18-year-old university student shed tears in court on Friday after he was charged with several offences including dangerous and negligent driving as well as failure to stop.

Vansh Khanna, who police allege was behind the wheel of the car, was arrested just 30 minutes after the incident occurred in the nearby suburb of Lane Cove.

Manly Local Court was told on Friday the Indian foreign national had been living in Sydney for three months and is in his first year of a Bachelor of IT at Macquarie University.

Police allege he was behind the wheel of his sister’s Honda Accord when the vehicle struck the children.

Mr Khanna’s bail conditions require him to surrender his passport and licence and remain at the Lane Cove home he shares with his sister.

He will next appear in court on June 8.