Honesty Box: Yahoo's All-Star MAFS Reunion (Part 3)

To celebrate ten seasons of Australia's biggest reality TV show, Married At First Sight, Yahoo brought together some of the series' most memorable and iconic brides and grooms to talk about their time on the show, compare experiences and answer questions fans have always wanted to know.

Video transcript

- Did you and Jesse ever hook up after the show?

- Is this a scoop?

- I'm getting hot.

- Really put a full stop on my professional career.

- I gave back that shoe, and they were like oh, I got water on my foot.

- To be honest, he, like, hurts my feelings a lot.



- We've got something fun for you guys. We have Yahoo's All-Star MAFS Reunion Honesty Box. We'll each go around. Everyone will ask someone else a question. And we'll start with you, Janelle. Take it from the top.

- Is this a stitch-up?

- Do I begin?

- Take it away.

- Dun dun dun.

- Evelyn.

- What?

- Evelyn.


- Read the question. Come on, look at the--

- Did you know you were going to be an intruder? And were you upset that you weren't there from the beginning? That's a great question.

- It's actually an easy one for me to answer. So I'm pretty sure I was the last person casted for season 10. I didn't mind being the intruder. I feel like, you know, I think as a producer's point of view, I guess, I'd probably done television before, so it kind of made sense to, like, have me go a little later opposed to the original cast. So I didn't mind that.

But yeah, I knew from the beginning that I was going to come in late. I didn't mind--

- Did you feel like you intruded?

- Look, it did make me a bit nervous knowing that everyone already had their friendships and their groups already aligned. So like, navigating that was a little bit uncomfortable. But also, a lot of drama had happened by the time I walked in. So I was like, what on Earth is going on?

- Yeah.

- Yeah. Hazy.

- Deer headlights.

- Well done.

- Oh, yes. Al. You previously told Yahoo you hadn't really done shoeys before going on MAFS, and now people expect you to do them. Are you sick of shoeys, and do you regret making them part of your brand?


- Part of your brand?

- I-- I-- yeah, I don't-- I'm not sick of shoeys just yet. I love doing them. And I feel like it's very liberating. It gets the group going. And it uplifts the mood.

- Aw.

- So I'll--


- Yeah, I'll say, like, I'm never denied a shoey. I'll always keep doing them. And people sort of forget-- I'm at the stage now it's been, like, over 12 months since our season aired. And they forget my name. They forget everything about me. But all they remember is the shoey part.

- Iconic. Iconic.

- I'm just going to ride it out for as long as it lasts.

- I'm surprised you don't have a fungal infection.

- No, he has.

- I did at one point.

- Excuse me, what? From drinking from a shoe?

- He has, yeah.

- I haven't-- I mean, one time I did it like--

- Post-Melbourne.

- Athlete's foot in the throat?

- Yeah.

- I did it-- I did a shoey off-- like, someone gave their shoe. I did it, I gave back their shoe, and they were like, oh, I got water on my foot.

- No, they did not.

- They did.

- No.

- They did.

- And I was like, ugh. And I swear, after that, my throat hasn't been the same.

- General public of Australia, please do not ask Al to do shoeys, because he will do it.

- Unless there's just high alcohol content so it kills the bacteria.

- No.

- I don't know, man.

- I've known you for a while now, and I still am baffled by you [INAUDIBLE].


- Cool. So I got Selina. You and Cody had a tumultuous relationship in the show that ended at the reunion. If you could say something to him right now, what would that be?

- Honestly, I just want to, like, thank him, really, because if it wasn't for him and the whole experience, I wouldn't be in the position that I am at today and done the healing that I so desperately needed that I wasn't aware of.

- What an amazing answer.

- Thank you, Cody.


The Honesty Box question that I have is for Jack. What is the biggest difference between your relationship with Dom versus your current relationship with Courtney?

- Oh, very, very nice. When it comes to the MAFS experience, my relationship with Dom-- for a lot of it, we were trying to make it work because that is what the experiment was. By all means, we found many avenues that we connected on.

But in terms of the way that I felt, especially towards the end, I know that she was uncertain. You didn't really see that on the TV. There was a few points-- oh, you saw her the last in the party. She wasn't 100% how she felt about me. And to be honest, I think by that point, I wasn't 100% sure about how I felt about her.

And that was the better part of three months into the relationship. The main difference between that and Courtney is with Courtney, I have just naturally fallen in love. I haven't really said this to anyone. When I met Courtney, we-- she lived in Gold Coast. I lived in Sydney.

She came-- we had our first meeting at Dom's fashion thing. Anyway, I met Courtney there. We started chatting. We weren't chatting that regularly. And then I went up to the Logies. And we had a date, turned into-- I caught up with her the day after the Logies as well.

It was going swimmingly. It was all just very natural. And then she came down to Sydney after that, and we went down to the snow. So I don't know whether you'd call that snow trip the second date. But on that, she stayed for two weeks. And five days in is the first time that I told her that I loved her.


- Yeah.

- Wow.

- So that's-- when you really think about it, it was kind of was second date.

- Wow.

- Like--

- Second date.

- Yeah, we were a little bit drunk. We had a few little winies. And like I was just like, oh, I love this girl. I was just like-- oh, I remember it. So anyway, she'll-- she says it-- she said a lot funnier than I do. She is funnier than I am.

And so I guess that's the main difference between mine and Dom's relationship, was with Dom, it was a lot of up in the air, are we working, are we not? With Courtney, I know it works. And that's it.

- That's just how it's right, though, when it's like-- when it's easy.

- Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And don't get me wrong. There's challenging parts of it, especially when we were-- she was in Gold Coast, I was in Sydney. There was times when you're just like, [BLEEP] just move in. But you know--

- I do.

- Yes. You're exactly right. It does flow naturally. It just feels like it flows. I don't know. There's no other way I can put it.

- Yay.

- Aw. So cute.

- The Honesty Box returns with question 5, everybody.

- Wow.

- A-hem.


- Oh.

- Haley.

- I knew you were going to do that. I was like--


- Would you have joined OnlyFans if you didn't go on MAFS? And how has your work in the adult industry impacted your life?

- Oh, good question.

- No, I would not have done OnlyFans prior to going on "Married at First Sight." It really put a full stop on my professional career as a finance broker for 10 years. I found in a professional realm, I wasn't being able to be taken seriously anymore.

So what happened in our season is-- so we did-- the season went to air, and then three weeks after it went to air, lockdown happened. So we didn't do the club appearances. We had no opportunity to make money. No one in the financial-- no one wants finance during COVID, because most people don't have jobs. Let's face it.

And an influencer said to me, why don't you try OnlyFans? And I'll be honest with you, I was half cut. I was on the wines. And I was like, I'm going to make a page, put it out there.

The amount of money that hit my bank within 24 hours was more than I could have ever imagined would have come through. And it was like a bikini kind of picture. I have had the most amazing three years of my life. I have had opportunities to go to the US to film with Brazzers, to film with international pornographic companies, which I'm going to be doing at the end of this year.

I've bought a house. I own my car. The most important thing to me out of this is, like, the financial gain has been incredible, but being able to help those around me that supported me for the majority of my life has been the best thing out of it. So to help my old man, to help everyone, it's really nice to able to give back. That's what I've liked the most out of it. Yeah.

- Good, good, good, good.

- Thanks.

- Congrats, doll.

- Thanks, babe.

- Yeah.

- Olivia. You and Jackson appeared to be friendly exes, but this seems to have changed in recent weeks.

- Ooh.

- What's really happened between you two?

- Ooh.

- Nothing's, like, really happened. So to be fully transparent with it, we very much tried to maintain a friendship and be really good mates. And I think we still are. It's just--

- You're at different stages?

- It-- to be honest, he, like, hurts my feelings a lot. So I think he thinks that I'll get back together with him at the drop of a hat. And so when we have conversations, a lot of the time he's trying not to lead me on because he thinks that I'm-- he thinks that he's going to lead me on if he's nice to me.

So he's quite cold. And it's really hard to go from being in a very loving relationship to trying to be friendly exes. And he's quite icy with me. And he's not an icy person. Like, we know he's very big and warm and lovely. And for him to put that wall up and be quite conservative with me is a really big change. And I don't like it.

And I-- I'm capable of being warm and lovely with absolutely anybody. Like, all my exes and I are all still really good friends, and I still speak to them really kindly. So to not get that back from someone that I do cherish is too hard to continue to put myself out there and be in a relationship-- like, in the friendship right now.

So we are still-- like, I still have nothing but love and respect for him. But it's just-- yeah, there just needs to be a bit of space at the moment.

- OK. I have a feeling I know who this is for.

- I'm scared.

- Janelle.


- Did you-- ooh.

- I'm scared.

- Did you and Jesse ever hook up after the show, or is the relationship a publicity stunt?


- Oh.

- That feels hot.

- That is red hot. Is this a scoop?

- I'm getting hot. So there are some articles out there of me and Jesse hanging out a lot in Perth. And-- oh, god. Sorry, I'm getting nervous.

- Oh, just go for it.

- It's yes, isn't it?

- Let's just say like--

- No, no, no, it's not "let's just say."

- Yeah, I see you.

- Get to the truth.

- Me and Jesse got really close.

- How close? Physically?

- Me and Jesse got really close. And there was a multitude of reasons. I think during the experiment, we were good friends. But then post experiment, we got to know each other even more. I understood more layers about him, understood he was more of an emotionally intelligent person. And I think things that I needed my own personality I saw in him, and I started admiring him a lot.


- Girl, say yes already.

- So--


So-- so we--

- [INAUDIBLE] difficult question.

- I have made it very difficult.

- She can't do this.

- Look-- my voice is shaking. We did have a bit of a trauma bond. And-- oh, he might hate me, but--

- Just say.

- We have-- we have shared a peck. Just an innocent little peck.

- Is that it?

- That's it. That's it. It was just like a-- it might have been friendly, it might even be romantic. I'm not sure. But we have had the conversation that we weren't going to pursue anything because I'm moving-- I moved to Sydney.

- OK.

- That's acceptable.

- So at the moment, we're just really good friends.

- That's acceptable.

- Yeah, yeah. But oh, my god. Please don't hate me, Jesse.

- You didn't want to walk into the reunion together or like--

- Yeah.

- You like that?

- So at this point, me and Jesse were just really, really good friends. And we were like-- and we just love pranking people and just having fun. And we were like, let's go into the reunion together and prank everyone.

But now I've watched the reunion, they-- I think they wanted to give the Jesse and Claire thing hope. So I can understand why they--

- Oh, did they really?

- Aha.

- Ah.

- I didn't watch that.

- We know.


We bloody know.