Homes lost to threatening coastal Tasmanian bushfire

Homes have been destroyed by a bushfire that threatened a small coastal community on Tasmania's east coast and forced dozens of people to shelter at a boat ramp.

The blaze at Dolphin Sands was at emergency warning level on Monday afternoon after it jumped containment lines in changeable windy weather.

Two homes, a shed and a car were destroyed on Sunday night when the bushfire sparked, while some structures, including power lines, were damaged.

One firefighter was taken to hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation.

It is the second serious bushfire on the state's picturesque east coast in recent months, after a blaze at Friendly Beaches in September forced evacuations.

Firefighters had declared the blaze under control on Monday morning, before it flared west.

Resident Jacky Hartnett said she and her husband used sprinklers from bore water to protect their house from flames which got close to their back deck.

"I had a safer area to retreat to if our deck had caught fire, but I was wondering if the glass was going to hold," she told the ABC.

A bushfire burns at Dolphin Sands in Tasmania.
A bushfire at Dolphin Sands on Tasmania's east coast has burned more than 220 hectares.

About two dozen people spent Sunday night at a boat ramp and were escorted from the area on Monday.

Peter Boekel, who lost half his home in Dolphin Sands to bushfires in 2009, said his house was a few kilometres from the fire but was safely upwind on Sunday night.

"I was talking to a few neighbours ... they slept in their car overnight and had a horse in a float," he told AAP.

"We were in Hobart and friends rang up and said there's a fire about two kilometres from where you live."

About 30 firefighters are battling the blaze along with water bombing aircraft.

Tasmania Fire Service regional chief Jeremy Smith said the bushfire, which has burned more than 220 hectares, was in coastal heath in a difficult-to-access area.

"It is a timely reminder for all Tasmanians to ensure they are prepared for bushfires," he told reporters.

Mr Smith said the weather on Sunday wasn't extreme nor a high-fire danger rating.

Dolphin Sands Road has been closed from number 798, with an evacuation centre has been set up at Swansea Town Hall.

Damage assessments are being conducted and the cause of the bushfire is being investigated.