Homeowner Sparks Debate After They 'Shouted' at Parents for Entering Their House Without Permission

“Obviously I was terrified,” the homeowner explained after noting that they thought their parents were “intruders”



A homeowner is looking for advice after they yelled at their parents for entering their home without their permission.

It all started when they were awakened suddenly to their dog barking at what they thought was an intruder in their home, the Reddit user (who goes by manicbeagle) wrote on the platform's Am I the A------? forum.

In their recounting of the harrowing event, the original poster (OP) said it was their dad who entered their house after he allegedly called twice to pick OP up for a last-minute family event. The homeowner notes that they wear earplugs to bed so they didn’t hear their phone ring or hear him knocking at the door.

“After pulling out my earplugs I could tell that there was someone in my house, and obviously I was terrified,” they wrote. After realizing it was their dadd in their living room, they began shouting. “I was still half asleep, so I don't exactly know what I yelled at him besides, ‘Of course I didn't answer you! It's 9 in the morning!’ and ‘Get out! I'm naked, what is wrong with you? Get out!’"

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<p>omersukrugoksu/Getty</p> Dog barking at door


Dog barking at door

After yelling at their dad to leave, the user — who notes they did give their parents a key to their house — says they started to regret the way they reacted.

“I feel bad now,” OP wrote. “After he left I tried to call back my mom but she didn't answer. Eventually I got a text from her ‘apologizing’ for scaring me but apparently they were just so worried that I hadn't answered their calls and texts at 9 a.m on a Sunday that they had come over, and had been knocking on my door and my windows before deciding to come in.”

Despite feeling regretful, the user says they responded to their mom by saying family events don’t give them a right to “lose their manners about my house.” They also note that their parents’ last-minute planning led them to miss both an outing with friends and seeing their family.

“I'm pissed because I missed out on a beach trip with friends to see my aunt, little cousin, and nephew this weekend, and they're acting like everyone should bend over backwards to accommodate them for their last minute decisions.”

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Woman opening door

In the comments, multiple Redditors agree that the user is NTA (not the a------), however some argued that their parents should not have a key to their home.

“NTA,” one person wrote, adding that it’s “time to change your locks.” Another added, “NTA unless you continue to allow them to have a key to your house.”

Meanwhile, others claimed that the parents were the ones overreacting in this situation.

“If OP is a grown adult - which it seems they are - the sane thing to do is to assume that they are out somewhere or busy, not to enter their house to do a search. The parents were out of line here. Like they waited half an hour, for all they knew OP was just at the grocery store…”

One commenter said that it’s not worth confronting their parents over the incident and agreed they should change their locks.

“Asking for a key back requires a confrontation and their agreement. Changing the lock imposes the solution regardless of any objections from the OP’s parents,” the commenter wrote. “The parents can’t see how they were in the wrong. Don’t drag this out; fix it and then brace yourself for how they next act crazy.”

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Others started debating the factors that led to the incident in the first place.

“You really SHOULD NOT sleep with plugs in,” one said. “That’s insanely dangerous and if the difference is you not hearing a fire alarm for 30 seconds or you not getting a perfect night’s sleep, please give up that sleep.”

Another commenter quickly jumped in to defend the OP: “If I stopped wearing ear plugs to sleep, I would shortly have a psychotic break from acute sleep deprivation.”

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