Home sought for Molly the 'flat-faced cat'

Molly is a Persian cat with a "flat face"

A charity is looking for a home for a seven-year-old "flat-faced" cat that has spent three months in a shelter.

The Persian cat has been in RSPCA care for 93 days at Gonsal Farm Animal Centre, in Shropshire.

The charity said Persian cats were often overlooked at rescue centres due to their flat-faced features, which can cause health issues.

It said Molly finds it hard to eat sometimes due to the shape of her face but she was a "sweet-natured girl".

"She is quietly affectionate and enjoys a forehead tickle," it added.

The charity said as the feline has some health issues it was looking for someone who had experience with this species or a similar one.

Despite Persians being the most common pedigree breed found in RSPCA care, on average it takes 68 days to rehome a Persian cat compared with just 29 days for a domestic shorthair, the charity said.

'Cute versus truth'

Alice Potter, cat welfare expert at the RSPCA, said: "Unfortunately, this could be a case of cute versus truth".

"Someone who impulse buys a kitten online because they thought their 'flat-faced' features are 'cute' is far less likely to be given information on the issues because the seller simply wants to make a profit with some kittens being sold for over £1,000 online, or they may not even know themselves," she said.

"Molly would like the option to explore outside, and needs an owner willing to give her all the care she needs, and deserves."

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