Home and Away's Sarah Roberts plays 'This or That'

Home and Away star Sarah Roberts sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to make some tough choices.

Video transcript

SARAH ROBERTS: Oh, mm, bad dye job. Woo, change the past. Is that bad?

I've done a lot of Asia. And there are some places in Europe that I still haven't done, so Europe. Mm-mm. I think I've gotta say bagels.

Neither? Can you say neither? [LAUGHS] Oh, my God. I'd go with mullet, if I had to.

I've already done skydiving, so let's go with bungee jumping. I'll give it a shot. I think, in this day and age, with Zoom, unlimited clothing options because it's always just from the top up. No one ever really sees your shoes.

I'm biased, yeah. I mean, I know I've been on both. But I was on "Home and Away" for longer, so I'm going to have to say "Home and Away." But it is very sad that "Neighbours" got shot down.