Home and Away's Matt Evans talks about his music career

Home and Away star Matt Evans opens up to Yahoo Lifestyle about his debut single, what's next for him, and why he feels 'lucky'.

Video transcript

MATT EVANS: My new single is called, "Over It." It is about a past relationship I had with a certain someone. And I felt pretty gaslighted within that experience. And then she moved to LA and it's all good.

But this was like two years ago. So I'm all good now. It's not a big issue anymore.

But I wrote the song. And I was like-- I came back to her and I was like, I really like this song. I just think it's catchy. And I've always wanted to put it out.

So I revisited it. Sent her a DM, and said, this is coming out, just letting you know. I'm all good, doesn't matter. I wrote this in the time. That was how I was feeling.

When I had messaged her about the song, I was like, yeah, I didn't know how she was going to take it. But I was kind of doing it as more of like a projection thing. To be like, hey, this song is coming out. I don't want you to think that I am really angry at you. Because I'm not.

I just yeah, so I was kind of like concerned. But then yeah, she was so cool about it. She was like, oh, is it a diss track? I was like, yes. It's good. And especially with the time, that helps, as well, because it was so long ago.

The idea of doing this song live is definitely in the works. I've been thinking about doing, like, some acoustic shows, too. We just made acoustic guitar. And yeah, I think that would be a fun thing to do. I think it's just with the schedule of "Home and Away," it's very, very hectic at the moment.

I haven't brought this song to the producers at all. Because I want to keep my personal music career separate to the show. Mainly that being because Theo is doing in lyric in that the band and everything on the show.

And this is representative of me. And it's my own music. It's my stories I'm telling. It's not Theo. So I really want to be able to keep them separate and just have this as my own.

It's just such a supportive group of people. And I'm just very, very lucky that everyone's so supportive of the song. And I did shoot a music video for the song, as well. Which comes out in a couple of weeks.

And all of the extras were my friends. And a lot of them were from "Home and Away," as well. So I think that's part of why they're so supportive and excited.

Because they're like, I can't wait to see the music video. Because I'm going to be in it. But I had a house party and they would dance. And it was so much fun.