Home and Away's Matt Evans' sweet reaction to Logies nomination

Home and Away star Matt Evans (Theo Poulos) sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle Australia to chat about the show and getting ready for The Logies.

Video transcript

MATT EVANS: Hello, everyone. I am Matt Evans. And I play Theo Poulos on "Home and Away." Well, I was having a coffee on my balcony, and Sophie Dillman texted me saying, congratulations. And I was-- and I had no idea what she was talking about. Although I did know the nominations were that weekend so yeah, it kind of clicked. And so I call her a straight away.

But yeah, then I called my parents and everything like that. And it was-- yeah, it was really exciting, I mean, because it was something that I didn't see coming at all. I was like-- yeah, I was so shocked by it. So it's been quite a crazy bit of a roller coaster. But yeah, I'm just super grateful. But yeah, a little bit shocked still.

Oh, it's amazing. Yeah, so many talented people have been in this category. And you know, Chris Hemsworth won it as well back in the day. So there's been lots of people that have come through and done lots of things after this. So it's just-- yeah, it's a really good category to be in because it's an exciting category, you know? It's like new people kind of branching out and making their way into the industry.

And-- yeah. And I haven't really had much time to look back and be happy of what I've achieved so far because it's always thinking about what you're doing the next thing. But I think the younger me a few years ago driving a forklift would be pretty happy with what he's done. So yeah.

No, we don't get plus ones. So-- so I can't. My mom said-- wanted to come, but I would have brought my mom on the red carpet. But we don't get plus ones so it'll just be me and my very, very white suit. No. No. No because I don't like pulling out a piece of paper. So I have like an idea in my head of what I want to say and who I need to thank and who I want to thank, so let's just hope that if that moment happens that it will all come together and I don't drop the Logie and stumble over the table. But I think it should be OK.

It's really different. Like sometimes you have a lot in a short amount of time and sometimes it's just whatever. But yeah, I actually really don't mind it at all. I think most of the time people are pretty nice and approachable. And yeah, I think I'm at the point where it's not a crazy amount so I'm not really fazed by it and I enjoy it and I'm happy to take photos or whatever-- talk to these people or whatever. But yeah, it's always nice because it's like a little bit of a boost sometimes where it's like, oh, you know, I needed that today.

Well, I auditioned obviously. And it was a couple of callbacks. And it was quite a-- I had to wait over the weekend to know whether I got the part or not, so it was a bit of like a waiting time between that, which was funny. I was actually in Palm Beach. I went to where the diner is for lunch with my friends in Palm Beach over that weekend. Like so I was in Palm Beach at the time of like waiting for the call. I don't know if that was like manifesting, but we'll call it that maybe.

Everything. It was like-- even like looking at the-- you know, have a mark on the floor and then-- I didn't even know what a wide shot, mid shot, close up. I didn't know any of that talk, so I was focused on so many things. And then I was trying to seem or come across as natural and like-- and just it was a lot to take in. But it was kind of that first day where I freaked out a little bit. But luckily I had James Stewart and Ada Nicodemou on there who would help-- who helped me through that moment. But yeah, since then it's been pretty, pretty good.

Ray Meagher. I say Ray Meagher, but have no idea. I mean, they're all just such a lottery so you just never know. But Ray Meagher. Vote for "Home and Away" at The Logies for Best Drama. We all work so hard, so it'd be really good to get that. And vote for Ray Meagher.

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