Home and Away's Matt Evans doesn't know the theme song

Home and Away star Matt Evans answered some rapid fire questions about the show... and accidentally forgot the lyrics to the iconic theme song!

Video transcript

MATT EVANS: My dream Home and Away cameo star would be Steve Peacock.

Ring of Fire. (SINGING) I fell into a burning ring of fire.

Present would be Harry Styles.

I don't know.

There isn't too much pranking, but I would say that I heard Patty talking about pranks the other day. So it would definitely be Patrick O'Connor, I guess, only because I overheard him talking about pranks.

Hmm, lots of music. La, la, la, la, la, la, la.

Winning the award and having to do a speech.

Acting, it's just a conversation. Engage and think about how you want to make the other person feel.

The first time, it was, like the very first one you ever do. But now, it's not really at all. I kind of find it they're almost too comfortable. It's weird how normal they are.

Very, very white.

(SINGING) You and I-- what are the words? You and I belong together. Isn't it? (SINGING) You and I belong together. That's it. I stuffed that one up. Didn't I?

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