Home and Away's Courtney Miller reveals if she'd return to the soap

Home and Away's Courtney Miller left the soap earlier this year, with fans calling for her character Bella to return ever since.

Video transcript

COURTNEY MILLER: Yeah, I would. I would. I mean, I wouldn't do a long stint. But I feel-- I just feel like to see everyone, especially just like having finished a bit of drama school, I want to work again to see what I've learnt and what I've taken on and how I've grown as an actor. And that's the best show to do it on because you're just constantly, scene after scene, working with different people. And I would feel so safe there.

Like, to be able to walk on set and go, this place is familiar. These people know how I work. And therefore, there's no pressure from them, only the added pressure from myself. So I would, yeah, I would. I would.

I talk to Lucas all the time and I talk to the others all the time, but they're still kind of on the show. So it's funny how your lives suddenly change. And they're working, and I'm a student, and I've got a new city. And so you love them in your heart, but you can't always talk to them.

I think we have one of those, you know, when there's like an Instagram chat, and it's just it's there, but many people don't use it. We contact each other when something's really funny or something like a personal joke that we all get. And saying that, I keep in contact with them all. I flew up to Sydney for Sophie Dylan's birthday. So yeah, we're just-- we'll never lose touch but also our lives have to eventually go different ways, which is sad. But Lucas will always be there, so that's fine.

I've been kidnapped maybe four times. Yeah. But that first day on location at Bella's house was just crazy. I got kidnapped by my brother first day of shoot. That was probably the most hectic because I was so new on location. I remember the feelings. And Tim, who played Colby, even at lunch, it was like, come sit with me. I was, I just felt like I was back at high school, going, who do I sit with or what do I do?

And then I had to like be thrown on his shoulder and like kick. But little did I know, because I was so green, that you shouldn't actually kick with your full strength. I like almost really hurt them because I was, you know, acting my little heart out and then like shoved in a car.