Home and Away's Cash Newman struggles after being suspended

Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Cash Newman will struggle to contain his emotions on Home and Away next week following his suspension from the police force.

The officer had helped Harper and Dana Matheson after the latter was on the run from her ex-boyfriend Olly, with the plot thickening as DS Madden was revealed to be corrupt as he attempted to murder Dana.

cash newman and harper matheson in home and away
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In next week’s scenes, Cash will come back to Summer Bay following a meeting, with the sisters bemused as he failed to contact them upon his return; they later find out about his suspension from his girlfriend, Eden.

Cash eventually reaches out to the pair and arranges a meeting, with the siblings grateful for his help during the traumatic ordeal. As they converse, Harper receives a call and reveals that the warrant for Dana has been rescinded following Olly’s arrest.

Despite being all smiles, Eden is still furious at the situation, speaking up as she feels that the pair caused Cash’s suspension. As a shouting match ensues, Cash puts his foot down and expresses relief that Madden will be behind bars, even if it means losing his job.

cash newman and dana matheson in home and away
Channel 5

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Secretly, however, he harbours doubts over his future and confides in Eden, revealing that he cannot imagine himself in any other occupation. The pair apologise to each other after the earlier argument, putting it down to stress.

Cash later meets up with Harper and says he is glad the matter was resolved in the end, and that he wouldn’t change a thing in ensuring justice was upheld. Despite his brave words, will he be able to return to the job he loves?

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