Home and Away's Ada Nicodemou reveals hilarious Logies confusion

Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou (Leah Patterson) joined Yahoo Lifestyle Australia's Rachel Choy to chat about the show and getting ready for The Logies.

Video transcript

ADA NICODEMOU: Hey, everyone. I'm Ada Nicodemou, and I play Leah Patterson on "Home and Away."

Oh, well, it was-- so I was away for my birthday. And I-- yes, so I woke up in the morning, and I got a text message. I think it was actually from [INAUDIBLE] first saying, congratulations. I'm like, oh yeah, congratulations on my birthday. Thank you very much. And I was getting someone else going, congratulations. I'm like, yeah, I know. I've turned 45. This is amazing.

So I had no idea. And I'm trying to think actually how I found out. Someone had texted me and said, oh, you're being nominated. And that's how I found out. So I literally had no idea, but what a great way to cap off a lovely weekend away for my birthday.

I was so excited to be nominated. I think this is now my fifth nomination, but there's been a while in between them all. And I'm just super excited. I'd love to win one. How cool would that be? I would love to win. I've never won before. It's an honor to be nominated, but we all do say that. So yeah, I'd love to win.

I don't have a speech written, but I will write one just in case because I've been known to get up on stage and just get really emotional and just start crying. So I don't want to do that. So I just thought I just need to write down some dot points just in case.

It has been so nice preparing for the Logies. I started thinking about my dress probably a month before even the nominations came out. So I was already organized. My favorite part of the Logies is actually the preparation for the Logies. I love thinking about the dress and the shoes and the makeup and the hair and all of that stuff. I love getting glammed up. So, yeah. It's been really nice just knowing that you're going to get all dressed up, because I'm so used to just wearing tights and runners and no makeup with my hair back.

I just-- I put it-- I had a fitting last night. And I put it on, and I felt really good. I feel just comfortable and sexy and like just-- I just feel really good in my skin. So yeah, it is sexy and it's pretty. It's a beautiful color. And I just feel really nice in it, which is really good.

Walking down the red carpet's pretty daunting. Even though I've been doing this-- I don't know how many Logies I've gone to. I'm going to say 20 to 30. But you never get comfortable with the red carpet because there's so many cameras and people calling out your name and you want to go and talk to the fans and all of that sort of stuff. So yeah, walking down the red carpet can be overwhelming. But it is so much fun because I'm forever looking at everyone's dresses and their hairstyles and catching up with people, so it's great.

Yeah, look, it's a long night. You know. And it's a long day because you start in makeup quite early. And then by the time you do with the red carpet and the event, and then if you do manage to get to the after party, it's just a long, long day and night.

Look obviously everything's changed from when I started. I started when I was 16 years old. Were iPhones even around then? I don't even know. So things were a lot different. But I guess I think I have a really good balance. I have a really-- I love my job. I do really love it. But I love being at home with my son and my partner and seeing my family and my friends. And I think if you just have a really good balance, don't take yourself too seriously, do a really great job. But just have a good balance outside of it all, then that keeps you quite sane, I guess.

Look, we have such a supportive cast and crew. We're all very, very experienced. And we have a lot of young actors that come onto the show. And we take them all under our wing and make them part of the family. And oh, Matt's such a lovely kid. He's such a great guy.

And so Jimmy and I like to just-- we like to hang out with him. We like to work with him. And if he's got any questions obviously we answer them. But I think you have to lead by example as well. So you've got to know your lines. You've got to make sure you're hitting your marks, all of that sort of stuff. So then the younger actors are seeing how you're behaving, and then they behave the same way, I guess.

What I love about our family unit is that we've got this family unit now, and Theo has a supportive-- two role models in his life. And so they're supporting him along the way and he's got some exciting stuff coming up. So we're just a really nice family unit. But I think we're fun, you know. So there's a bit of comedy in there. Yeah, so we have a lot of laughs on set. And I just think it's quite light to watch because there's obviously a lot of drama always on Home and Away. But I think our characters can be quite light which is good.

Oh, my little boy Jonas. He's my campaign manager. He's my biggest supporter. He is the most excited that I'm nominated and has been telling everyone to vote. It's very embarrassing. He's just been going around telling everyone. And he just really wants mommy to win, and he's going to be watching it on the night, and he's just super excited.

He will be allowed to stay up and watch the Logies, yeah.

I really, really hope that "Home and Away" win. We have such a great show. We're the number one drama. And I just feel like we're going to win. So please, please, please, vote for "Home and Away."

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