Home and Away star shares her top tips to preserve Aussie wildlife

Home and Away's Bonnie Sveen is passionate about wildlife and the environment. Here are her top tips for regular Aussies.

Video transcript

BONNIE SVEEN: It's not just native animals that are affected by things like climate change fueled natural disasters, our little people will too. And it's their future and they deserve the same freedoms and safety and access to clean water and air as what we had growing up and a healthy planet. And kids also have a way of making us want to be our best versions of ourselves and they hold us account.

And, you know, it means for us, we have a lot of conversations around animals and then following up on ways that we can protect them from harm and better take care of them.

In 2019, the UN said that-- reported that there are one million animals and plant species that are on the brink of extinction. And so we need, like, big picture large-scale government action to save endangered species. And we need people to support wildlife protection legislation, like the Endangered Species Act and to vote for people that are going to act on those.

And on a smaller scale, people can ensure that they're looking after animals in their own areas, particularly when there are severe weather conditions, making sure that you've got a shallow bowl of water outside for animals to drink from that's out of reach from cats and dogs and also keeping your pets inside, especially at night away from nocturnal wildlife.

And people can also download the IFAW Wildlife Rescue app so that if they do come across injured wildlife, they can't contact their closest rescue group and carers. And I came across IFAW because I've worked very closely with Bunurong Sanctuary for quite a few years. And they save the Tassie devil appeal.

So IFAW sponsor the wildlife hospital at Bunurong Sanctuary, which is the only hospital that's dedicated to wildlife in Tasmania. And they sponsor the vets who work very hard there now seven days a week and work on, you know, emergencies and medical support and intervention for animals.

So I'm hugely passionate about them because it's humans and it's human activity that causes the majority of animal suffering. And I think especially as an animal lover, I feel a real obligation to do what I can. And by working with IFAW and their many projects that I'm able to make a positive impact.