Home and Away star reveals favourite cast member and BTS secrets

Home and Away’s Jacqui Purvis spills on who her favourite scene partner is, and what mischief the cast get up to behind the scenes.

Video transcript

JACQUI PURVIS: I mean, has to be Ethan. I mean, we just work so well together, and like, I have been from the start. I can't believe that we're not sick of each other yet, but we're not. And we still work so so well, and there's just straight away always like fun and chemistry. And it's comfortable, and we just enjoy it so much. And yeah, I don't know. It's just it really is so much fun to act with him, and I love it.

What goes on? What goes on behind the scenes? There's a lot of music. Everyone has like-- it's as if everyone can sing and play an instrument. It's like Jesus, we're just all so-- everyone's so talented. You're like walking down the halls, and someone's like singing. There's like opera, and then there's a guitar playing. And you're like oh, OK, I'm in a musical. And then there's always people falling asleep. Like Kawa, he sleeps with his eyes open, and I don't know how he does it.

And it's as if he's like watching you all the time. And you're like are you asleep, I don't know. And then Ethan's always eating. Like, he's like cooking a steak in the corner somewhere, and you're like well, obviously, I mean, I know. Yeah, he needs it, I guess. Protein, that's how he stays so big. You have to be cooking steak every five minutes.

What else goes on? Matt Evans is like the clown of the cast, and he's always doing accents. And you don't-- like, you just-- he's like, he like imitates. He can imitate everyone. And so he would just be able to do like an imitation of someone, and you're just like gosh, how do you do that? Like, he can do it of everyone in the cast. He's so good at it. It's really cool. I wish I could do that.

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