Home and Away’s makeup artist teases ‘glamorous’ Logies looks for cast

Home and Away’s makeup artist teases ‘glamorous’ Logies looks for cast. Source: Yahoo Lifestyle Australia

Video transcript

- Yeah, so we are super excited about this year's Logies. I think because with COVID and the pandemic, they had to put off the Logies for a couple of years. So it's been a really difficult tough time for us during filming throughout the pandemic. So for us, we're really excited to be able to celebrate the show.

We've been nominated. We've got six nominations. Roma is up for the gold Logie, Matt Evans Best New Talent, Ada and Sophie are up for Best Actress. The show is up for Best Drama. So I think that we've got a really great chance because the show has just gone from strength to strength. So we're all just really happy to celebrate on the night to be able to let our hair down, to enjoy the event.

I'm so excited to do glam because this is like the Oscars for me. I get to actually create these amazing looks. I've seen some little sketches of outfits that they're going to be wearing. I'm coming up-- I'm talking to each actress at the moment. And we're just coming up with different ideas. But yeah, they're going to look spectacular. I don't want to give any of my secrets away or anything because you'll see it on the night or on Instagram before they leave to go to the event. But they're going to look amazing.

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