Home and Away’s makeup artist spills secrets about ‘new characters’

Home and Away’s makeup artist spills secrets about ‘new characters’. Source: Yahoo Lifestyle Australia

Video transcript

- I can't give any storylines away, but there will be a lot of new faces coming to the Bay, which is really-- always really exciting, which means new faces, big storylines, exciting storylines. So that will be happening in the next few months. So I guess-- yeah, that's all I can say because otherwise, you know, I'd give all secrets away. And we don't want to do that. We want the viewers to watch the show. So let me tell you, it's going to be really exciting and a lot of great new faces coming.

It's been full circle for me because I started on the show as a cast member, played Sarah Thompson. I was 17 when I got cast in "Home and Away." I was on the show for three years. And even when I was an actress, I would sit in the makeup chair and just watch what the makeup artist would do and ask 100 million questions.

Yeah, and so kind of it took off. The makeup work took off. And you know, I came back to "Home and Away" just as a freelancer. And then I became a standby and then a supervisor. And two years ago I got promoted to head of department. A lot of the actors do come to me for advice and ask me, you know, questions about what they should do or like if they-- things that they need to know like-- it's like, oh-- because they call me mama bear. I'm the mama bear of the show.

So it's like, mama, so when you were on the show, you know, what would you do, or what-- you know? So it's really nice to be able to be there not only as the head of department as the makeup artist, but also just to be there as a friend and a constant where they can come to me and ask me questions because, you know, being behind-- being in front of the camera and now behind the scenes and being part of this show since I was 17, I feel like I know a lot about the show.

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