Home and Away suffers massive setback: 'Oh s**t'

After being shut down due to Covid twice over the past two years, Home and Away has been hit with yet another setback. Matt Evans, who plays Theo Poulos on the show, has just shared that he has caught Covid.

In an Instagram Story, he asked followers if anybody else was experiencing hay fever, before revealing he had just tested positive for the virus.

L: Two positive Covid tests on a wooden table. R: Home and Away cast in the diner
Home and Away star Matt Evans has tested positive for Covid. Photo: Instagram/thisismattevans & __jamesstewart__

“I’ve never had Covid before so I’m like, I’m invincible to Covid. I was like, never gonna get it,” he told fans. “Jacqui’s had Covid, so I was like, I can’t get Covid,” he said, before panning the camera over to co-star Jacqui Purvis (Felicity Newman) on the couch.

“Next minute!” she yelled, before bursting into laughter as Matt showed his two positive Covid tests.

“Oh it’s definitely not hay fever then is it? No!” he added, before covering his face with his hand.


The castmates not only work together on the soap but live in the same household. Since the pair weren’t isolated from each other in the video, it’s possible that Jacqui also has the virus.

L: Matt Evans with a tissue in his nose. R: Matt Evans with his hand over his face
The star announced the bad news in a hilarious way. Photo: Instagram/thisismattevans

Fans sent best wishes to Matt on social media, with some sharing tips for a speedy recovery.

“Hope you don’t get it too bad, get plenty of rest and drink fluids,” one fan wrote.

“I have been fortunate [to] not get it…yet!!! Get well soon,” added another.

“Oh s**t. Got it. I don’t like it at all. Drink plenty [of] water, not too much, but enough,” a third chimed in.


The soap's cast and crew are currently working towards their annual Christmas break, with Home and Away off-air until January. It’s unclear how many cast members may have been exposed to the virus, seeing as there are many onscreen couples and filming often calls for the cast to get close and personal.

L: Home and Away cast getting ready for a Christmas party. R: Laura Vazquez, Adam Rowland and Matt Evans at the Seven Christmas party
The Home and Away cast shared plenty of snaps from the network's Christmas party. Photo: Instagram/thisismattevans & officiallauravazquez

The young actor posted his update on Monday afternoon, just three days after attending Seven’s big Christmas bash alongside his co-stars.

While Jacqui wasn’t seen at the party, Kirsty Marillier (Rose Delaney), Ethan Browne (Tane Parata), Adam Rowland (Remi Carter), and newcomer Kyle Shilling (Mali Hudson) were in attendance.

Yahoo Lifestyle has reached out to Seven for comment.

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