Home and Away's Bonnie Sveen: 'My secret life'

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Home and Away star Bonnie Sveen takes us on a tour of her childhood home in this week's New Idea magazine, on sale now!

Drive 40km south of Hobart, Tasmania, and you enter the Huon Valley, one of the most picturesque and beautiful places in Australia.

But it’s remote – only about 3000 people are lucky enough to call this mountain and valley region home - and one of them is Home and Away’s Bonnie Sveen.

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"This is where I grew up," smiles the beautiful 25-year-old, as she takes New Idea on a tour of her family property, which she shares with her parents Rob and Leanne and her brothers, Ben, 29, and Callum, 20.

"It was a fairly pure upbringing. I had nowhere to escape to that wasn’t natural. I would roam the paddocks or play with my dog or go for a walk up the hills. There was no gossip to get consumed by or other people’s opinions to get affected by."

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This type of life is a world away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney, where Bonnie had to move to when she was 18 so she could attend NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art).

And then there’s her drama-filled life in Summer Bay – it’s no wonder when times get tough or she needs to clear her head, Bonnie retreats to her island home.

"I have the support here in Tassie. And the foundation that I’ve come from has allowed me to have the strength and the stubbornness to approach my career the way I have," says the Logie Award winner for Most Popular New Talent.

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