Hollyoaks' Ethan stunned by Dilly confession

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Ethan Williams will question his criminal caper following a shocking confession from Dilly Harcourt in Hollyoaks.

In the last few months, Sienna has been getting close to the Earl of Dee in order to steal his fortune while her boyfriend Ethan has been tasked with keeping the Earl's sister Dilly distracted.

New scenes will see the fallout of the recent ring scandal, where Nadira Valli takes the fall and is fired by the Earl even though she knows Sienna was actually behind the whole ordeal.

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Sienna tries to keep her plan going by making up a story about how she's trying to get the Earl to notice her because she has feelings for him. Nadira agrees to help Sienna with the Earl if she can get her job back.

Sienna convinces Rafe to step in with her for a bride and groom photoshoot, but she makes another huge mistake by breaking a priceless ornament.

Meanwhile, it's Dilly's birthday and she convinces Ethan to help her steal some petty cash from the Earl since her brother hasn't paid her usual allowance.

It comes out that Dilly and Rafe are both troubled because it's actually the anniversary of their mother's death, who died in childbirth.

In the wake of this disastrous day, Sienna remains set on her plot to steal the Earl's money, while Ethan receives a message that convinces him this scam must end.

ethan williams and dilly harcourt in hollyoaks
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Rafe eventually has a heart-to-heart with Dilly to grieve their late mother, where Dilly encourages Rafe to give Sienna another chance after the ornament debacle so he's not alone.

When Sienna then confronts Rafe over why he's been pushing her away, the Earl of Dee admits he knows Sienna is only after his money. The Earl then offers Sienna a check for £50,000 if she'll leave him alone.

Sienna is determined to get her hands on the Earl's full fortune, so she walks out in spite of the offer of cash. Back at home, Sienna and Ethan start to question one another over their true feelings about Rafe and Dilly.

Ethan goes looking for Dilly and finds her at The Loft, where she absolutely stuns him with a confession that changes everything. Ethan is then determined to put an end to Sienna's scheme for good.

ethan williams and dilly harcourt in hollyoaks
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Sienna once again refuses to call off the plan, forcing Ethan to give her an ultimatum: it's either Rafe or him. Ethan is left feeling rejected when Sienna makes it clear where her priorities are.

A dejected Ethan falls into Dilly's arms and they have a steamy hook-up. Meanwhile, Sienna is now determined to fool the Earl into paying for private school tuition for the twins.

Her latest plot involves Ste Hay posing as Warren so they can impress the Earl with their 'happy family', only for Ste's husband James Nightingale to turn up in the middle of the ruse.

Sienna fears she's ruined the twins' chances at a good education until the Earl turns up with a teacher to announce Sophie and Sebastian have been accepted to a prestigious academy – and the Harcourt Trust will pay for their tuition!

rafe harcourt and sienna blake in hollyoaks
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Ethan continues to struggle with his feelings, and with his mind firmly on his split from Sienna, Dilly decides it's best to leave him alone. But can she really stay away?

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