‘The Hills’ star Whitney Port opens up about her surrogate’s two miscarriages

The Hills star Whitney Port has been open about her fertility struggles, and in a heartbreaking new update, she shares that her surrogate has experienced two miscarriages. Port and her husband opened up about their losses on a recent episode of her With Whit podcast, sharing more about their newest setbacks in trying to conceive a second child.

In the Nov. 7 episode, Port shared that she and husband Tim Rosenman began working with a surrogate last year after “a really long struggle of not being able to conceive on our own.” The couple has been working with their “amazing” surrogate on two embryo transfers, but that neither has been successful as of yet. “Both transfers ended up miscarrying,” Port said. “The last miscarriage was just a month ago.”

“And it’s worth saying that both were after seven and a half weeks, where we were told we had a 97 percent chance of successful pregnancy,” Rosenman added. “So to have that back to back, the odds are really crazy.”

It seems the experiences have left the couple, who are parents to a 6-year-old son, Sonny, with more questions than answers. “So we’re thinking, is there something going on, either with the surrogate or with our embryos?” said Rosenman, a TV producer.

They’re working on figuring out their next steps, as Port explained. “We’re kind of at this beginning phase again where we still have three embryos left, two that are tested, one that’s untested. We are deciding do we try a new lab? Do we do another round of egg retrieval to get new embryos? Like, are all these embryos from the last batch not good, or do we put in one of the embryos that’s already made in the surrogate right now and just get that going while we make a plan to do another egg retrieval.”

Port noted that they are in a fortunate position thanks to the support of their surrogacy agency and their remaining three embryos, and that they’re “not back to square one,” but it seems the process is understandably taking a toll on them. “All the emailing and the scheduling, it’s like another job,” said Rosenman. “The administrative work of getting this done is so tedious and adds another layer of exhaustion.”

Of the uncertainty, Port added, “The thing that’s on my mind is how I operate and simplify and try to maintain some peace and calm while dealing with these other things that are happening,” she explained. “There is nothing I can do about it, but it’s weighing me down. I want to be present [at work], be there for Sonny.”

The former reality star has opened up about experiencing multiple pregnancy losses, first sharing that she’d had a miscarriage in 2019 on the podcast. She revealed she’d experienced another loss in early 2021, before having a third miscarriage in late 2021.

We’re wishing Port and her family nothing but the best as they navigate these challenges. Props to them for sharing so candidly even when it’s surely not easy to do so, as it will certainly help comfort others who might be going through the same things.