Hilarious Zoolander optical illusion freaks out the internet

Allison Yee
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Get ready to stare at Derek Zoolander’s face for longer than you ever thought you would, thanks to the newest optical illusion doing the rounds.

TV host James Corden tweeted the optical illusion to his 10.3 million, and it’s sending the internet crazy.

James Cordon – the man responsible for sending the illusion into the Twittersphere. Photo: Getty

“This picture is made by a Russian artist… this is a picture of a smiling girl which can only be seen when your eyes are half closed,” the caption on the image reads.

Cue the world shutting their eyes and squinting intently at their phone or work computer and desperately trying to see the girl.

Some have speculated that while the image looks like Ben Stiller’s character in Zoolander, the girl is actually meant to resemble someone famous too.

Still struggling to see the girl?

One Twitter user has blurred the image which helps you see the smiling girl a bit better.

Mind blown.

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