The Hilarious Way 'Bridgerton' Tried to Hide Claudia Jessie's Broken Wrist

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How 'Bridgerton' Hid Claudia Jessie's Broken WristLIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX

In case you were too busy re-watching *the* carriage scene/listening to orchestral versions of various Pitbull songs to notice, Eloise Bridgerton spent much of Bridgerton season 5 holding random fluffy accessories over her arms. Annnnd turns out, that's because actor Claudia Jessie accidentally broke her wrist on set. As a result, Eloise's vibes were very much this:

That! Said!!! Attempts to disguise the break didn't always work out, since Claudia's cast was seemingly visible for a moment there on screen!

So, how'd Claudia break her wrist? A celebratory high kick, naturally.

"I'm quite an excitable person," she told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. "I got there, it was 8:00. We hadn't even started filming, I feel so bad. To celebrate everybody's good mood, I did a high kick. A celebratory high kick. I'm not a dancer. The circumference of the's finite, it ends at some point. I wasn't in a tracksuit. So, when I put my leg up, I was restricted immediately and then I went back."

In order to disguise the break, Claudia said the Bridgerton costume designers had to make a "summer muff," which Eloise was seen holding at random points throughout the season. Definitely not a real thing, but hey. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oh, and btw, the costume team actually went as far as to have background actors also wear "summer muffs" just so Eloise's vibes wouldn't stand out too much. Like, Bridgerton is nothing if not committed!!!!

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