Hilarious 'Slenderman' tweet goes viral

Allison Yee

If you thought Nicole Kidman’s clapping hands were weird, one Twitter user has shared snaps of her insanely long arms and the internet has responded.

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Twitter user corakeen posted the photos of her on the dancefloor and posing with pals, with her Inspector Gadget arms on display.

That's some serious arm action. Photo: Twitter
Thought it was just a funny angle? Think again. Photo: Twitter

“LOOK AT THE LENGTH OF MY ARMS f**king slenderman,” she wrote.

Her photos sparked over 122,000 likes, and a slew of comments.

Nicole and corakeen are kindred spirits. Source: Giphy

“Am gonna take you shoppin with me next time I need somethin from the top shelf,” wrote one.

“Your arms are abnormally long, but you're still cute and killing it,” wrote another.

“I have long arms too it's great for golfing,” was another comment.

Nature's selfie stick. Photo: Twitter

Luckily, Cora seems to have a sense of humour about her lengthy limbs, using them to maximise her selfie game.

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