Hilarious reason all these women named Nicole became friends

Eliza Velk
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A group of women all named Nicole from the same university in Canada are forming a beautiful yet hilarious friendship after being pursued by the same man.

There’s no denying that dating these days can be tough, so when Carlos Zetina – a first-year student at the University of Calgary, Canada – found himself a perfect girl named Nicole at the campus bar, he wasn’t going to let her slip away. 

The night Carlos met ‘Nicole from Holland’ he played the gentleman card, dropping her home and asking for her phone number, only much to his disappointment, it turned out to be the wrong number.

So what does Carlos do next? Well, he finds every single person named Nicole in the university directory and sends a group email to all 246 of them, of course.

Source: Twitter

“Hi, this is a mass email to all Nicoles if you don’t fit this description then ignore and if you are the one and just don’t want to talk to me that’s okay as well,” he wrote. 

“If [your] name is Nicole and you’re from Holland and you think Nietzsche is depressing then text me,” he added, including his number and a reminder of when they met. 

He even made sure to include all the variations of the name: Nicoletta, Nicky, Nicola – you name it, he had it. It’s honestly quite the grand gesture.

Naturally, the rest of the Nicoles thought the whole situation was pretty entertaining and even joked, “Should we all say we’re the real Nicole?” and, “Will the real Nicole please stand up?”

“It took off right away, and Carlos was almost immediately removed from the chain and it was just the Nicoles,” student Nicole DuGraye said. “It was 200 emails long by the end of the day.”

The girls then decided to create a Facebook group, ‘Nicole from last night’ and planned a night to officially meet up which quickly turned into a new girl gang.

And thanks to the new ‘Nicole Network’ they managed to get to the bottom of the mystery by finding the ‘real Nicole’ who happened to be an exchange student.

As it turned out ‘real Nicole’ hadn’t actually snubbed him with the wrong number or ignored his email, rather she just hadn’t memorised her Canadian phone number correctly and was never given a proper university email address.

So now after thanking her ‘fellow Nicoles’ get in touch with ‘Carlos from last night’ there have been talks of a date between the pair of them.

Meanwhile, the girls have said they want the group to remain a ‘positive thing’ with monthly meetups, of which the ‘real Nicole’ plans to join.

“From the messages I’ve been seeing in the Facebook group… we’re so excited to interact and really support each other,” Nicolette Riley told Yahoo lifestyle.

A new friendship group and a budding romance – it’s a happy ending for all.

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