Hero Packaging's creator explains why she decided to create compostable packaging

Anaita Sarkar spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about or eco-friendly invention. Interview: Michael Dahlstrom

Video transcript

ANAITA SARKAR: I had a previous e-commerce business. So I was shipping a lot of orders every day. And it got to a point where we were shipping over 50, 60 orders. I think at one point, it was about 80 orders a day. And we were waiting for the posty to come, and it was just a whole pile of plastic packaging sitting there.

And I think at that point, I realized that I was doing something really wrong. So I wasn't an eco-warrior or anything like that. I just I just saw it and I thought, this is really sickening. Because as soon as a customer gets this, they're going to dump it straight into the bin. And so I thought there's probably a better way to do it. And I wanted to look into alternatives.

And I looked into boxes and I looked into paper and I looked into a bunch of different things, and they just didn't work for me. And so I thought if, I could find something that was kind of like plastic and acted like plastic but maybe wasn't plastic and maybe we could remove it in a way that it didn't sit in landfill for years and years, that would be better.

And then when I couldn't find anything, I actually started to think that I could create it. So that's kind of where the idea came from. And then when I was actually creating it, the research behind it and the trying to find people who could create these resins that were compostable and then also making it. That was really difficult. But essentially, it wasn't a gap in the market, it was just something that I was trying to do for my own business.

MICHAEL DAHLSTROM: And what's it made out of?

ANAITA SARKAR: Well, there's two main ingredients. So the first part is the natural part of it, so that's PLA. And that's like a renewable, corn-based material. So it's actually derived from corn starch. And then there's PBAT, which is a polymer that binds-- it has to bind all this stuff together. Otherwise, it would just fall apart. And so it's made up of those two ingredients.

MICHAEL DAHLSTROM: And that can just be composted in a home compost bin when you're done?

ANAITA SARKAR: Yeah. So both of them, they're both certified home compostable. And so the whole mailer is home compostable.

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