My Hero Academia season 7: Everything you need to know

my hero academia season 7
My Hero Academia season 7: All you need to knowBones

My Hero Academia spoilers follow.

Everyone's favourite superhero anime wrapped up its sixth season this spring, and it was undoubtedly one of the series' very best.

Across its 26 episodes, My Hero Academia took the series to new heights. We watched the heroes storm the Paranormal Liberation Front's base, witnessed Shigaraki devastate an entire city and even followed Deku through a serious emo phase.

It also included a ton of great character development. We learned more about characters like Hawks and Endeavour, and the show gave mainstays like Ururaka and Bakugo significant emotional moments.

But now the season is over, what are fans to do? Come with us as we do some serious speculating about My Hero Academia season seven's release date and plot.

My Hero Academia season 7 potential release date: When will My Hero Academia season 7 air?

my hero academia season 7 release date

My Hero Academia season seven was officially confirmed in the end credits of the season six finale, but when will it be released? Let's do some guesswork.

Season six covered seven tankōbon volumes, totalling 70 chapters of Kōhei Horikoshi's original manga, and if we expect season seven to cover a similar amount of plot, then it will take us through chapters 329-399. Currently, the most recently published My Hero Academia chapter was #400.

This means the My Hero Academia anime has fully caught up with the manga's publication, so it's unclear if we can expect the show to return on a normal schedule.

The show's earlier seasons have all aired roughly 12 months after the previous season finale — ie, season five ended in September 2021, and season six started up in October 2022. Given that, our best guess is that My Hero Academia season seven will release in spring 2024.

The only other official word on season seven we've got comes from a new poster of Deku shared on Twitter.

Our hero is standing next to a short Japanese passage, which roughly translates to "Never walk alone," while underneath him is the confirmation that season seven is "coming".

My Hero Academia season 7 cast: Who's in My Hero Academia season 7?

my hero academia season 7 release date

My Hero Academia has an absolutely huge voice cast, but it's uncertain who will return for season seven and whether any particular VAs will be replaced.

With that in mind, here are the main English and Japanese cast members we assume will be returning:

  • Izuku Midoriya – Daiki Yamashita (JP); Justin Briner (EN)

  • Katsuki Bakugo – Nobuhiko Okamoto (JP); Clifford Chapin (EN)

  • Shoto Todoroki – Yuki Kaji (JP); David Matranga (EN)

  • All Might – Kenta Miyake (JP); Christopher R Sabat (EN)

  • Shota Aizawa – Junichi Suwabe (JP); Christopher Wehkamp (EN)

  • Hawks – Yuichi Nakamura (JP); Zeno Robinson (EN)

  • Tomura Shigaraki – Kōki Uchiyama (JP); Eric Vale (EN)

  • All For One – Akio Ōtsuka (JP); John Swasey (EN)

  • Endeavour – Tetsu Inada (JP); Patrick Seitz (EN)

  • Ochaco Uraraka – Ayane Sakura (JP); Luci Christian (EN)

  • Tenya Ida – Kaito Ishikawa (JP); J Michael Tatum (EN)

  • Momo Yaoyorozu – Marina Inoue (JP); Colleen Clinkenbeard (EN)

  • Fumikage Tokoyami – Yoshimasa Hosoya (JP); Josh Grelle (EN)

My Hero Academia season 7 plot: What will happen in My Hero Academia season 7?

my hero academia season 7 release date

Avid My Hero Academia fans will know that the series is entering its final phase. Season six set up and delivered a set of arcs that resulted in the series' main villain All For One breaking free of his prison and gathering an army of diabolical bad guys, but what happens next?

Viewers whose curiosity is getting the better of them can find out what's in store thanks to the ongoing, original manga. We won't give the whole game away, but beware of some major spoilers below.

My Hero Academia season seven will likely pick up where season six left off, with the introduction of USA hero 'Star and Stripe'. If the story follows the manga, then we'll see her battle against All For One — and we'll witness the resulting fallout after her devastating loss.

Season seven will likely also cover a plot involving one member of Class 1A betraying the heroes, as well as resolve the ongoing Todoroki family drama with an explosive battle between Dabi and Shoto.

my hero academia, season 6
Crunchyroll Collection

Finally, the series will move into its endgame: a major conflict between all of the heroes we've come to love, and the combined forces of All For One and Shigaraki.

It turns out My Hero Academia fans have one more thing to look forward to though - a new movie. In August 2023 MHA creator Kohei Horikoshi confirmed that a fourth film based on the franchise would be released, set after the events of season six. He shared a statement saying;

"Hello everyone, I'm Kohei Horikoshi, author of My Hero Academia. A 4th movie for [My Hero Academia] has just been confirmed! And that's thanks to your support, thank you so much!

"It'll take place after the War from Season 6, meaning that the collapsed society will be the stage this time. After having been through so much and learning so many things, who will Deku and his friends fight against this time? What will they protect?! Look forward to it!"

No release window has been given as of yet, but we wouldn't be surprised if the film dropped before season seven, given that it seems directly linked to the show's main plot.

my hero academia, season 6
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My Hero Academia season 7 trailer: Any My Hero Academia season 7 footage yet?

It’s a little early for a My Hero Academia season seven trailer, but be sure to check back here for the latest updates and any footage as soon as it drops.

My Hero Academia is available to watch on Crunchyroll and Netflix.

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