Here's what may have happened to your class clown

Every school had a class clown that everybody loved.

During class they were a welcome distraction and pretty hilarious while in the corridors they were the person everyone wished they were friends with.

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And while they may have been the lovable rogue in the playground, have you ever wondered just what became of them in the real world?

Every classroom had a class clown.
Every classroom had a class clown.

Well a new thread on Reddit reveals just that, with people from all over the world revealing exactly what happened to their class joker.

"Married him. He owns his own business. We have a son..he was voted Class Clown. Legacy," one woman said.

"Our middle school class clown had a kid with his high school girlfriend. I think he graduated high school, but he works at the burger king near my home now, we're all around 23. He seems happy, so I'm happy for him," another said.

"He manages a bowling alley. Poorly," one Reddit user said.

One man claimed he went to school with a class clown who went on to become famous on American Idol.

"He went on American Idol and now has a country singing career," he said.

Others relayed more sombre stories about how their class clown met their sad end.

"Died in a car accident last Christmas. He was a good guy, had a job as a carpenter if I remember correctly (we graduated High School in 2008)," one man remembered.

Another person told a story about his Sunday school class clown, who died of a heroin overdose at the age of 21.

"He was pretty wild, but an all around okay guy. I had Sunday school with him through 8th grade then one class in high school," he said.

Others told stories about how they were the class clown and revealed how their lives turned out.

"I was voted funniest in middle school and high school, so I guess that may have been me," he said.

"I do see myself as humorous but may have been using it as a cover up for being a closeted gay dude. Once I came out towards the end of college I was able to be funny and it not be so much of a cover up of myself.

"I'm 28 now and work in marketing/ advertisement sales and its helpful in bringing in new clients and closing deals."

Another Reddit class clown lamented how funny he was but reckons he still has it.

"I went to college and got a job. I'm not as funny as I once was. At least that's what it feels like. I feel like I got very serious. I can still make my mother laugh a lot though," he said.

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