Here’s the secret feature Apple has hidden in their iPhones

Allison Yee

Just when you think you know all there is to know about your phone, new reports say there’s a hidden feature that's been secretly lurking in your iPhone this whole time.

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Developer Steve Troughton-Smith claims there’s a convenient one-handed keyboard that’s been included in every model since iOS 8 was introduced in September 2014.

Perfect for those with smaller hands or situations like when you’re eating a burger and texting your bestie at the same time, the keyboard shifts the keys to one side of the phone display to make typing a whole lot easier.

The only problem is Apple doesn’t want you to use it.

Apple created a one-handed keyboard function - but doesn't want people to use it. Photo: Getty images

Apparently the company never made the feature available to users, and the only way to access it is to jailbreak your phone, that is, make unauthorised modifications to it.

Experts say this isn’t the best idea as doing so will void your warranty, so we might just have to wait until Apple decide they want us to use it.

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