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No more wilted basil! Keep your herbs fresh with these clever storage solutions

Five herb keepers side by side.
Unlike the "h" in herb, we won't be silent about these kitchen wonders. (Photos: Amazon) (Amazon)

Be it basil, parsley or rosemary, I absolutely love herbs. They add a fabulous zing and aroma to any dish. Basil is wonderful for tomato sauce, rosemary is fantastic with lamb, thyme adds a lovely scent to roast chicken — I could go on! But the problem with herbs is that they end up going bad before I can use them all up. What a waste!

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Thankfully, there are quite a few clever herb savers on the market! These are the three that I like the most. Hopefully you'll find that at least one of these will help save your aromatic, flavorful greenery from the trash!

The beauty of the Cole & Mason herb keeper is that you can store several different herbs in one container! They'll stay fresh for up to ten days longer. Plus, it fits on the fridge door!
$29 at Amazon

The Herb Keeper has a clear upper lid to see the herbs in question, plus its "Flip and Slide" function gives you easy access to them. There are also three removable dividers to store different varieties of herbs.

"I decided to take a chance with this since I am tired of throwing out herbs after a few days," said a five-star review on Amazon. "I tried the Herb Keeper with cilantro. It has been in my fridge for about 10 or 11 days, and I was still able to enjoy it. [...] The leaves are starting to wilt, but I still have enough for tonight's dinner. If you use fresh herbs, then this is for you."

Oxo's Herb Keeper comes with a basket that helps promote 360-degree air circulation, while the lid helps keep herbs fresh. Plus, the basket opens easily for quick access.
$17 at Amazon

The Greensaver's basket can be easily lifted in and out of the container. And its compact size and shape make it easy to store.

One enthusiastic five-star review on Amazon said: "I used to place bunches of herbs in the fridge door rack in juice glasses covered with a plastic bag to keep them fresh, and had to be careful opening and closing the fridge to prevent them from tipping over. Although initially skeptical, I'm pretty happy with this item.... I purchased the large size, which accommodated two bunches of cilantro and one bunch of parsley; although crowded, the herbs kept fresh."

Prefer to have your herbs stored separately? Then consider these pods! This set of three will help keep your herbs fresh for days, if not weeks!
$26 at Amazon

These Prepara pods are best if you wish to store your herbs separately, which is important for herbs that require different storage conditions. Basil, for example, is best kept at room temperature, while other herbs like parsley and cilantro should be stored in the refrigerator. If you make sure to change out the water every few days, your herbs will last up to three weeks!

"I was amazed at how long my cilantro and green onions stayed fresh in those pods," raved an Amazon reviewer. "I literally bought the cilantro and green onions three weeks prior to my actually using them, and they were just as fresh as the day I bought them...three-weeks-later freshness. Still vibrant and smelled so fresh. Great product. Thank you. It does what it says it does."

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