'Full marks’: Helen Mirren's in-flight goggles and mask combo praised

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Dame Helen Mirren has donned a face mask and protective goggles on a recent flight amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, earning praise from her followers on social media.

The iconic British actor snapped a selfie of herself taking all the necessary COVID-19 precautions and posted it to her Instagram on Sunday with the caption, “It’s a look!”.

Helen Mirren dons goggles and a mask on a flight during the COVID-19 pandemic
Helen Mirren dons goggles and a mask on a flight during the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo: Instagram/helenmirren.

The 74-year-old star was leaving nothing to chance, tucking her face mask into the goggles for maximum coverage.

She finished off her jet-set look with a monochrome LA Dodgers cap, a loose-fitting knitted jumper and a pair of headphones.

The The Queen star was praised by her followers for wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and taking the coronavirus crisis seriously at a time when many are not.

“Serving PPE fierceness,” one fan wrote.

“Oh thank God, someone besides me wearing goggles and wearing them correctly over the mask, also worn correctly. Full marks,” another commented.

Helen Mirren wears a white shirt and holds a microphone at an event
The Oscar winner referred to her goggles and face mask combo as "a look". Photo: Getty Images.

“A great look! Everyone should be copying it,” one fan encouraged.

If the Oscar winner wanted to go unnoticed, her goggles and mask combo might be the way to do it. Several followers even joked that celebs should try this look whenever they’re trying to slip into somewhere unnoticed.

While it’s not clear where Helen was off to on her travels, on July 3 the UK government released a list of countries that eager travellers could fly to without having to quarantine for 14 days upon their return to England.

Before this, the UK Foreign Office was advising against all but essential travel, making it almost impossible for people to travel around unless absolutely necessary.

Celebrities have been keen to show themselves wearing PPE in public, a helpful reminder to their followers that we should all be following suit.

Helen isn’t the only celeb putting safety first, with supermodel Naomi Campbell spotted in a full hazmat suit while travelling across the US back in March.

Additional reporting by Caroline Allen.

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