Heidi Klum Strips Down While Eating Hot Wings

Heidi Klum's recent appearance on Hot Ones was spicier than usual.

The ongoing talk show series sees celebs from all different industries sit down for an interview with host Sean Evans, while simultaneously eating chicken wings coated in sauces that progressively get hotter.

Its most recent episode featured the 51-year-old supermodel, who could only keep up with the intensity of the wings and Evans' questions by taking her shirt off a little over halfway through the chat.

After making it to the Da' Bomb sauce rated amongst the highest Scoville level and described as "beyond insanity," Klum found herself in the hot seat (literally) and chugging a pitcher of buttermilk to no avail.

"I thought buttermilk would do the trick," she said, wincing. "Let's see."

Klum took a few more sips before admitting she was "getting hot" and ripping open her long-sleeve denim top, which she used to fan her chest before chugging some more buttermilk.

"When does it [the heat] go [away]?" she asked Evans, who replied, "In like five or 10 minutes," but apparently, that wasn't quick enough for Klum, who proceeded to strip off her shirt and finish the conversation in just her bra.

During the interview, the America's Got Talent judge expressed her opinion on social media stars booking big modeling gigs, suggesting it's just another way to break into the industry.

Klum even touched upon one of her most treasured traditions—her annual Halloween costume party—revealing that she was actually "claustrophobic" in one of her most outrageous Halloween costumes. The look in question? Her 2022 worm costume, which she described as limiting and hard to move in because her hands were tied by her sides and her head was fixed in a stationary position due to the weight of all the makeup and materials.

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