'Incredibly moronic': Heidi Klum slammed for breaking social distancing measures

While quarantine has forced many people to forego having their hair cut and coloured, the same cannot be said for Heidi Klum.

On Tuesday, the German supermodel took to Instagram to reveal her social distancing hack to ensure her famous blonde locks stay looking camera ready.

Heidi Klum has been slammed for fans after breaking social distancing measures. Photo: Getty

Heidi shared a photo of herself sitting on a patio wearing a lacy black bra and underwear with fishnet stockings and high heels. The 46-year-old posed while wearing a leopard printed face mask as her hair stylist, Lorenzo Martin, tended to her tresses, using an umbrella as a makeshift shield.

“Dahhling we found a way! [sic] Social distancing highlights. Love you Lorenzo Martin,” Klum wrote in the caption.

Heidi also shared photos of herself wearing her mask, tending to some gardening while waiting for her colour to process, and laughing at her ensemble to Instagram Stories.

While both Heidi and Lorenzo are both wearing masks, the post drew criticism from some of the model’s followers. Many wrote the star to tell her they were “disappointed” to see her breaking social distancing restrictions and remain 6ft apart to have her hair done.

“They shouldn’t be near each other,” one follower wrote, while another added that the photo was “incredibly moronic in every way.”

Heidi Klum documented having her hair done despite social distancing restrictions. Image via Instagram/HeidiKlum.

“Why does she think she is exempt from the rules?” another wrote. “A full global pandemic where people are dying and she thinks that getting her grey hair dyed is the most important thing.”

When a follower asked, “Is this a joke?” Heidi responded with an eye-roll emoji. While some found the photo humorous, others pointed out that it could set a bad example for stylists, who may follow her stylist’s lead and break social distancing for clients.

“The pressure you have now put on hairdressers who are being reasonable and staying home to protect themselves and their clients is truly shameful,” a critic wrote. “This recklessness is a real crime - all for your silly ‘look at me’ moment.”

Heidi Klum shared video of herself having her hair dyed by her stylist. (Image via Instagram/HeidiKlum).

“I wish this wasn’t such a joke,” another wrote. “I’m a stylist and quite honestly terrified to return to work. Shame on you.”

Despite the backlash, others applauded Klum for her creativity and sense of humour and defended the model against the backlash.

“Bravo!” a female follower commented. “Mother of invention!”

“Why do people have to hate and be so snarky?” a follower wrote in Heidi’s defence. “It’s supposed to be a funny, ridiculous and sexy photo. Find something else to be bitchy about!”

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