Heidi Klum denies she counts calories after facing backlash over reports she only eats 900 calories a day

Heidi Klum denies she counts calories after facing backlash over reports she only eats 900 calories a day

Heidi Klum has denied reports that she counts calories after she faced backlash over reports that she eats just 900 calories a day.

The supermodel addressed the reports on her Instagram Story on Tuesday, where she said in a video: “I just got home, and some friends are sending me these articles that have been written that I only take in 900 calories.”

Prior to the comment, Klum showed examples of some of the articles that alleged she eats just 900 calories a day.

“One, I want to say, I don’t think I’ve ever had to count my calories in my life, and don’t believe everything that you read,” Klum said.

The America’s Got Talent judge then became bluntly honest with her fans as she continued: “So, I don’t count my calories.”

According to The Daily Mail, in an expired Instagram Story from Sunday, Klum had stepped on a scale in response to a fan who’d asked the model to share her weight.

In Tuesday night’s video, Klum also defended herself from people who’d questioned why she’d revealed something as personal as her weight. “Someone asked me how much I weigh, and I got on the scale and showed how much I weighed,” she explained. “I don’t know. People just put things together and just write a bunch of crap, and it’s really sad because there really is no real journalism anymore.”

The model went on to call out people who “make up stories” about others. “One person writes it, and then everyone jumps on it, and it’s really sad because, you know, people read that and they think that and possibly follow that, and that’s not good,” she said.

The Daily Mail reported that Klum had allegedly revealed she followed a 900-calorie diet during her Q and A on Sunday, which had also featured her meal routine. In the expired Story, she reportedly told viewers that she credits her figure to her breakfast, which consists of three poached eggs in warm chicken broth, according to the outlet.

Her fellow AGT co-stars have also verified Klum’s claims. “That’s not true because you come into my dressing room and eat my stuff, [like] my sandwiches and stuff,” Sofía Vergara told her fellow judge during a joint Entertainment Tonight interview Wednesday.

The show’s host, Terry Crews, also agreed with Vergara’s claim. “I believe [she eats Vergara’s food],” while Klum called the inaccurate claims “beyond bonkers.”

In Wednesday’s interview Klum said she wanted to debunk the claims to prevent her fans from following a 900 calorie diet themselves. “I just hate when people lie like that because, you know, there’s so many people out there that follow or read this, and they say, ‘Oh, she does this, so now I’m only gonna eat 900 calories,’” she said.

“When it’s about other people’s health, I feel like I have to step in and say, ‘Wait a minute,’” she explained. “I don’t even care about me; I care about everyone who reads that and possibly gets way too thin. Because 900 calories, that’s, like, insane! I would be like a toothpick.”

This isn’t the first time the AGT judge has openly discussed her diet. When she was still a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2008, Klum revealed that her diet consisted of three small meals a day, in addition to never eating past 8pm.

Since then, she says her restrictions on food have lessened. When speaking to Red Magazine in 2020, she said her diet was less disciplined, despite her former struggles with food. “In the beginning, I had to [be disciplined about food] and now I’m just so used to it,” she told the outlet. “There are so many choices, just pick the right things. Because then you don’t have the struggle.”

“I feel happy with who I am and how I am. If I wasn’t, I would change it” she continued. “I wear the pants I want to wear and I live my life so I can.”