Heavily pregnant woman tries to dance overdue baby out

Rebekah Scanlan
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Forget spicy foods and jumping between the sheets, this overdue mum has come up with a new way to try and bring on her labour.

After Hayley Rutkowski’s due date slipped by five days ago, she decided she was going to dance her baby out of her — and her husband Matt adorably joined in too.

Taking to their lounge room in Gastonia, North Carolina, to jump and jig to a rap song, the excited parents set to work doing their best to hurry along the birth of their first daughter.

A heavily pregnant mum-to-be has shared a video of herself dancing in a bid to try and bring on her birth. Source: 2WBTV

Considering Hayley is more than 9 months pregnant, she busts some impressive moves and even grinds down low for a booty shake as her partner dances beside her.

The enthusiastic parents also dress up in gangsta style outfits to complete their efforts, with Matt also even sporting a fake bump as a supportive nod to his heavily pregnant partner.

The couple revealed they’re desperate to hold their daughter, so are willing to try anything. Source: 3WBTV

The results are hilarious and have caught he attention of their local news channel 3WBTV, who shared the video online.

“I’m swollen, over it,” Hayley told the reporter. “Just ready to have her in my arms.”

Hayley has some seriously impressive moves. Source: 3WBTV
But they can’t wait to meet little  Karsyn. Source: 3WBTV

“Now we’re just sitting here like, is this day ever gonna get here?” her anxious hubby added.

Despite not even feeling a single twinge, the pair also proudly showed off their nursery that they said has been “ready for weeks” and is jammed full of toys and clothes for the bub.

While their amorous dance moves sadly haven’t budged their little girl — who they’ve named Karsyn — along any quicker, the pair are scheduled to be induced soon. 

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