If you buy one thing this winter, it should probably be a heated clothes airer

This heated airer is about to make laundry in winter a whole lot easier. [Photo: Amazon]

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It’s not just the chilly weather that makes us dread the winter. The plummeting temperatures mean drying laundry becomes something of a slog - particularly for those of us who don’t own a tumble dryer or don’t want to send our electricity bill sky-rocketing by using it constantly.

If you’re tired of having your clothes hanging off chairs, airers, bannisters and radiators for days, it’s time to upgrade to a heated clothes airer.

Yes, it’s a thing.

While there are many versions available, there’s one in particular that boasts glowing reviews: the Dry:Soon Deluxe 3 Tier Electric Heated Airer.

“My living room used to spend half the working week looking like I'd constructed a blanket fort every time I washed my sheets.”

“When people came round, I'd have to remember to move my pants from the dining chairs so they could sit down,” reads a review by one thrilled customer on the now sold out product on Amazon. “Not any more!! Now I feel like I am really adulting.”

The clever, space-saving gadget express dries laundry in between four and six hours.

The heated and lightweight aluminium frame also comes with a control panel so that you can set the time you want airer to switch on or off. Clever, huh?

Buy it: Dry:Soon Deluxe 3-Tier Heated Airer | £167.98

It’s more economical than chucking everything in a dryer, too, as it costs less than 6p an hour to run. It can also be folded to just 9cm deep to be stored in small areas.

OK, so at £167.98 it is a little more expensive than your traditional dryer, but, as numerous customers say, it’s worth the cost.

“Yes, it's quite expensive and we resisted buying one of these on that basis. For us, the convenience offered and frustration at drying clothes indoors eventually outweighed the cost and now I actually have one, I wouldn't go back at all. Save up if you need to and invest in one, that's my advice! Once you have it, it's cheap to run and you'll save money heating your rooms, too.”

“It dries your clothes so fast why did we not think about this before!!! Perfect for the winter” reads another review.

“Wouldn’t be without one”, “worth every penny and deserves 6 stars” and “this heater has changed my life” are just a few of the other phrases by five-star Lakeland reviews.

The three-tier heater is perfect for a family (or someone with a rather sizeable wardrobe) holding up to 15kg of laundry. However, you can also buy smaller and cheaper designs. A two-tier airer will set you back £104.99, whereas a mini three-tier design costs only £39.99.

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