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Lakeland's hugely popular heated clothes airer is finally back in stock

heated clothes airer
This heated clothes airer is about to make laundry in winter a whole lot easier. (Lakeland)

It’s not just the bite in the air that makes us dread the winter. The plummeting temperatures mean drying laundry becomes something of a slog – particularly for those of us who don’t want to send our electricity bill sky-rocketing with constant tumble dryer cycles. Enter, the heated clothes airer.

While there are many versions available from John Lewis, Aldi and other high street stores, there’s one in particular that boasts glowing reviews.

It even recently went viral on TikTok for its cheap running costs. The Dry:Soon 3-Tier Heated Airer from Lakeland has been out of stock for many week's due to unprecedented demand, but luckily the coveted gadget has just been restocked (although we're sure it won't be available for long).

Best heated clothes airer
The heated airer can help you save money on your energy bill and dry clothes quickly. (Lakeland)

£159.99 at Lakeland Browse full collection of Dry:Soon heated arirers

The clever, space-saving gadget express dries up to 15kg of laundry in between four and six hours, thanks to thermostatically-controlled bars and costs considerably less than a tumble dryer.

TikToker Dungaree Me, recently posted a video of her Dry:Soon Airer that quickly went viral, racking up over three million views.

She explained that the cost of the average tumble dryer per hour is an estimated £1.68, whereas the heated clothes airer is almost a quarter of the price, with an average of 56p per hour.

The TikToker then put it to the test, tracking the electricity usage of the heated airer on a smart meter in a follow-up video, which she worked out cost roughly just 20p per hour.

The cost may vary from household to household, depending on what other electrical appliances you have plugged in at the time such as a fridge, freezer, lights, computers and more. Customers should also expect the exact cost per hour to vary from October, as it will be dependant on domestic electricity prices at time of use.

At £159.99, hundreds of customers say the original airier is worth the cost for the long-term savings.

Lakeland also has numerous models and bundles if you want to upgrade your drying experience.

The newer deluxe version of the airier was created in response to customer feedback on the original models. These upgrades include a control panel at eye level, rather than ground level, for easier use, as well as a set of detachable wheels (sold separately) if you want to move your airer around. For easy storing, the deluxe versions also come with added clips to hold the folded airer together and the deluxe versions start at £179.99.

There are also bundles, which come with many other useful items to help quicken drying time.

The most popular? An airer cover with mesh panels, which the TikToker's video also featured.

The cover helps to speed up drying time, while also being able to help air flow and stop the airer getting too hot. The cover also turns into a nifty storage bag and can be purchased as part of a bundle or separately.

There are different versions to suit your household. (Lakeland)
There are different versions to suit your household. (Lakeland)

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What the reviews say:

“Wouldn’t be without one”, “worth every penny” and “how did I ever manage without this amazing gadget?” are just a few of the other phrases by hundreds of five-star Lakeland reviews.

  • “I purchased my heated tower airer after doing much research and I am thrilled to bits with it. It dries a load of washing over night (I put an old duvet cover over the top of mine like a tent) and I was impressed with it drying two pairs of jeans as well as numerous t-shirts in one night.”

  • “This was recommended to me, and I'm glad I bought one . This warms the room whilst drying clothes and its cheaper usage than a dryer.”

  • “How did I ever manage without this amazing gadget! I no longer worry about how to get the clothes dry, rushing around on sunny days only to have to bring the clothes in after a shower of rain..... It's as easy as summer, just wash whatever you like, it'll be dry in a day or over night. Excellent item!”

  • “Very pleased with this airer, it takes a full washing load and dries t-shirts, blouses, shirts, pants and socks in approx 6 hours. Larger items and waistbands on jeans take a bit longer but I put them in airing cupboard to finish off, so a full washing load dried in under 50 pence is good value.”

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