Heartwarming reason mum made a replica Crazy Rich Asians dress

Olivia Morris
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Crazy Rich Asians has taken the world by storm and is breaking ground in Hollywood as the first film in 25 years to be centred around an Asian-American character.

Following the film’s premiere in the USA, one mum was inspired to create a replica of lead actress Constance Wu’s blue dress.

But it wasn’t for herself, it was for her five-year-old daughter, and her DIY creation was for the most heartwarming reason.

Miami-based blogger Ha Truong was inspired by Crazy Rich Asians to make a dress for her five-year-old daughter for the most heartwarming reason. Source: Instagram/meethaha
The mum wanted to help her daughter Olivia to embrace her Asian heritage, creating a replica of lead actress Constance Wu’s dress. Source: Warner Bros (L)/Instagram (R)

Ha Truong wanted to take the opportunity to help her daughter, Olivia, to embrace her Asian heritage.

Sharing a story about Olivia on her Instagram, Ha admitted she wanted to help her little girl “see herself” and also help her peers to see her.

“When Liv was in preschool, her classmates would ask her if she’s Chinese,” Ha said on her Instagram. “She’d come home asking if everyone (Asian) is Chinese; she’s Vietnamese and Thai.

“She didn’t ‘see’ herself at school and her peers didn’t see her.”

According to Ha, when Olivia saw herself in the dress “it gave her a spark”.

The Miami-based blogger also admitted how “refreshing” it was to see an Asian-American lead on the big screen.

“Being an Asian-American, oftentimes you don’t ‘see’ that Asian part of yourself in America, and neither do your peers,” the mother of two told Popsugar. “Crazy Rich Asians is proof — hope — that representation matters.

“It’s refreshing to see someone on the big screen my daughter and son can relate to.”

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