Hear from these amazing investors and founders on TechCrunch Live this February

TechCrunch Live (formerly Extra Crunch Live) is coming back this February, and we have a fantastic lineup to start the new season. Changes are coming to the show, too. In 2022 look for more pitch decks, more pitch-offs and more of the best founder/investor combos.

Last year's season ended on a high note. We had Pilot's founder explain how it convinced Index Ventures to think long-term about margins. Before that, Aileen Lee and Rachel Carlson presented Guild Education's early pitch deck. They're available here, but we hope you can join us live in 2022. We're always looking for good questions from the audience to ask guests, and soon startups will be able to apply to pitch their company.

TechCrunch Live helps founders build better venture-backed businesses. We do this by bringing together startup founders and the investors who back them to talk about what, precisely, helped close the deal. What metrics are the investors looking at? What questions did the founders answer that made the VCs want to learn more? How did the founders communicate their grand vision and their step-by-step plan to get there?

We cover all this — complete with looking at these companies' early pitch decks and more — on TechCrunch Live. TechCrunch Live is also home to the TCL Pitch-off, where founders in the audience can get on our virtual stage to pitch their startup to our esteemed guests and get their live feedback.

As with any TechCrunch event, this weekly series also features networking so you can meet and greet other attendees.

The event goes down every Wednesday at noon PT/3 pm ET and is free to attend. Only TechCrunch+ members get access to the complete library of on-demand content, so if you haven't yet, sign up now!

And without any further ado, here is a look at the outstanding guests joining us on TechCrunch Live in February.

Kanyi Maqubela (Kindred Ventures) + Dr. Jeff Wessler (Heartbeat Health)

February 9 - 12pm PT / 3pm ET

Dr. Jeff Wessler co-founded Heartbeat Health in 2016 to develop better heart care. After writing the company's pre-seed check, Kenyi Maqubela joined Heartbeat Health's founding team and board of directors in 2017. Maqubela's firm, Kindred Ventures, reinvested in Heartbeat Health over the next two rounds. Hear on TCL how Wessler pitched Maqubela about his ambitious plan and eventually secured funding.

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Image Credits: Kindred Ventures / Heartbeat Health

Emmalyn Shaw (Flourish Ventures) + Itai Damti (Unit)

February 16 - 12pm PT / 3pm ET

Itai Damti co-founded Unit in 2019 to help businesses integrate banking services into their consumer products. In 2020, Emmalyn Shaw, as Flourish's managing partner, invested in Unit's Series A round, and later, in the company's B round. Join us on TCL as we talk through Unit's earlier days and the pitch deck that helped close the fundraising deal with Flourish.

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Image Credits: Unit / Flourish Ventures

Nina Achadjian (Index Ventures) + Akilesh Bapu (DeepScribe)

February 23 - 12pm PT / 3pm ET

Akilesh Bapu co-founded DeepScribe while working on his master's program at UC Berkeley. The company is now five years old and just raised a $30 million round led by Nina Achadjian at Index Ventures. We're excited to have the pair on TCL to talk through its latest raise and what it took to get Index Ventures' attention (and money).

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Image Credits: Index Ventures / DeepScribe