Healthcare Ministry denies reports of medicine shortages in Ukraine

Nimesil and ethyl alcohol: which medicines require a prescription from April 1
Nimesil and ethyl alcohol: which medicines require a prescription from April 1

Contrary to some recent media reports, Ukraine is not experiencing shortages in any group of pharmaceuticals, the Healthcare Ministry said in a statement on Nov. 21.

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The ministry's press service reports that Ukrainian citizens have been targeted by mass emails spreading false information about a drug shortage and encouraging the use of traditional remedies instead of proven medications. These messages, allegedly coming from the ministry, suggest that the shortage has arisen due to Ukraine's refusal of Russian and Belarusian medical products and complications in logistics.

"The Healthcare Ministry declares that this information is false and part of a hostile information and psychological operation; currently, there is no shortage of any group of medications in the pharmacy networks," the message said.

It further noted that all medications are being supplied to pharmacies from both Ukrainian and foreign pharmaceutical companies, except for those from Russia and Belarus.

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Moreover, according to their data, there is no shortage of medications in medical institutions either. Each hospital has formed a reserve of medicines necessary for quality and free treatment of patients.

“Ukrainian pharmaceutical manufacturers continue to operate, and Ukraine also receives medications from leading global producers,” the ministry adds.

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“There is no shortage or potential shortage of medical supplies.”

The statement also emphasized that no "traditional remedies" can replace comprehensive treatment and are insufficiently studied in terms of safety and effectiveness.

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