• Comfort foods that won’t make you fat

Frozen yoghurt

Low-fat frozen yoghurt is a brilliant alternative to ice cream, generally containing far fewer calories, and usually tastes just as good. But that doesn’t mean you can therefore sink a whole tub of the stuff and not pay the price. It still has sugar in it, so make sure you limit yourself to just one or two scoops at a go. Also, try serving with fruit rather than whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.

Jun 12, 2012

Comfort foods that won’t make you fat

Comfort food. The food we turn to when we need cheering up. The most popular comfort foods are, you guessed it, chocolate, ice cream and cake – the creamier and more fattening the better. But comfort foods don’t need to be filled with calories. These healthy alternatives will bring you equal amounts of comfort without the guilty aftertaste.

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Real Wellness Tips

Real Wellness Tips

  • Kristina

    Don’t eat anything you can’t pronounce!

  • Petter

    Basically everything the body does requires water – so staying hydrated would probably be the best and easiest health tip there is.

  • Lauren

    There is no such thing as a diet, simply a healthy lifestyle. Eat foods that are LHI (Low human interaction). Stay away from foods that are overly processed.

  • Jess

    I always make sure I have fresh fruit handy incase I need a sugar pep up. Keeps me away from the spur of the moment chocolate purchases and is fresh and nutritious so it’s therapeutic to eat.

  • Natalie

    If I'm ever feeling stressed at home, the first thing I do is tidy my living spaces and light a scented candle. Messy bed, messy head.

  • Jane

    Try incidental exercise, get off the bus a stop earlier, take the stairs instead of the lift and set a diary reminder to stand up and walk around every hour.