'Gastric band surgery cost me my appetite'

July 25, 2013, 11:18 amYahoo!7

A UK woman needs a reminder to eat after a botched gastric band surgery. Yet admits, she has no regrets.

Gastric band surgery cost me my appetite

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In the UK, a woman who lost 57 kilos after gastric band surgery now has to set herself a reminder to eat, claiming the surgery has made her appetite disappear.

Jo Rust, from Norfolk, England, underwent gastric band surgery five years ago after her weight had spiralled out of control. She put on the weight after having her two children, saying she often binged on fatty foods and sweets.

The 47-year-old mother-of-two weighed 127 kilograms at the time of the surgery and has since lost around 57 kilos thanks to the operation, slimming down from a UK size 24 dress size to a size 12.

However, as Mrs Rust continued to lose weight, she started experiencing other health problems and began collapsing at work. Initially it was thought that the gastric band was too tight and doctors operated to remove it. During the surgery they discovered the band had become gangrenous and was tangled around her stomach.

Because of the gangrene, surgeons were forced to remove 90 percent of Mrs Rust's stomach. The surgery means she has almost no stomach lining and no appetite.

As a result, Mrs Rust says she now "forgets to eat" and has to set an alarm to remind herself of meal times. She told the UK's Daily Mail, "I haven't felt hungry for four months. I think it would take me days before I realised I haven't eaten without the alarm reminder."

Due to the surgery, Mrs Rust is only able to eat small meals because of the size of her stomach and must eat six times a day to maintain her weight. Her daily intake also includes iron supplements and foods that are very high in iron, as she struggles to keep her levels up.

Mrs Rust says although she has to force herself to eat now, she is able to maintain a healthy weight of around 65 kilograms thanks to her alarm routine. And despite the complications of the surgery, which almost cost Mrs Rust her life, she has no regrets, saying "I still think the gastric band is the best thing I have ever done".

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