Fifty per cent of men can't use a washing machine

June 13, 2013, 9:41 amYahoo!7

In news that will surprise very few, over half of men don't know how to wash their clothes.

Fifty per cent of men can t use a washing machine

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It's a sorry state of affairs when over 50 per cent of men admit to not being able to use a washing machine

British household appliance manufacturer Indesit ran a survey to promote a new washing service and reported the bleak facts to The Daily Mail.

Even more depressing than the fact more than half of our boys can't use the white good is that only 25 per cent of men can turn on a washing machine. Men aged 16-24 are most likely to fall into this category.

Pleading ignorance, 40% of guys claim that they simply don't know which buttons to press, 25% say that it's all just too complicated and a very lazy 24% outsource the job simply because others are 'better' at it than they are.

The implications? Apparently one in five men in their twenties wear boxer shorts at least twice before washing them. And we're betting that's just a conservative number.

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But while we bash the boys and their less than desirable hygiene rates, maybe its time to turn the attention to the mums and wives being just a little too helpful (emasculating?) and preventing the males in their lives from gaining some important life skills.

Thirty-nine-year old officer worker Michael Head told the Daily Mail he would be "anxious" about washing his own clothes in case he shrunk or discoloured them.

"I went through early adulthood either leaving my laundry to a laundrette or passing it on to my mum, so I never really learned how to use one. For years my wife has done my washing for me - I don’t think she’d even let me try to wash her clothes."

Who knew the humble washing machine could be so confusing?

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