The app that ends relationships for you

July 26, 2013, 10:44 amYahoo!7

By-pass the messy part of a relationship's decline with the BreakupText app

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Want all the benefits of a relationship without the responsibility? Then the BreakupText app is for you

Cowards of the world can now rejoice as technology they could previously only dream of is finally here.

If you want to break if off with your not-so-significant other but don't want the drama or awkwardness of doing it in person, head to iTunes and let your phone do the talking.


Encouraging users to "begin the end", the BreakupText app allows the user to personalise information and tailor it to individual relationships.


The texts can use specific examples to add a modicum of credibility to the exchange while others employ the ridiculous to end relationships with excuses like "I got eaten by a bear" or "Pretend I died a hero".


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